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Here Are All The Celebrities Who Have Unliked Johnny Depp’s Instagram Statement About Amber Heard

More than a dozen celebrities World Health Organization likable Confederate soldier Depp’s Instagram statement once he won his libel case against Amber detected have since unliked it over the past 2 months.

Twitter users began occupation out the celebrity removals once documents from the case were unsealed, revealing info crucial to Depp that wasn’t antecedently public — and thus not compound on social media just like the remainder of the trial.

Depp’s supporters helped raise cash to open up court documents from the proceeding, that legal commentator and Depp supporter Andrea Burkhart shared to her website on July thirteen — however it wasn’t till early August that the documents received media attention.

The unsealed documents showed that Heard’s team feared Depp’s team would use nude photos of her throughout the trial in a trial to “frivolously and maliciously suggest” she was once a sex employee, uncovered crude texts between Depp and Marilyn Manson, rehashed his history of alleged misconduct with testimony from ex-agent Tracey Jacobs and ex-girlfriend Ellen Barkin, and disclosed that detected volitionally walked removed from a fortune within the divorce proceedings.

Both parties issued statements online once detected was ordered to pay $15 million in damages once a civil jury in Virginia found that she libeled Depp once she wrote AN op-ed regarding being a victim of domestic abuse, and he was ordered to pay her $2 million for her claim of defamation against his attorney.

I Heard that’s a post, that has 480,000 likes, and has comments restricted. None of the verified users she follows have likable it.