Hertz CEO Exposes Meghan Markle’s Plan: Bankrupt and Renting $140k Black Range Rover, Demands Plate Removal

The Hertz CEO has brought to light Meghan Markle’s plan, which involves her renting a $140,000 Black Range Rover and demanding the removal of its license plate. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, made headlines as she was spotted driving her own car for the first time since January 2020.
Her husband, Prince Harry, was concurrently on a solo trip to the UK, where he paid his respects to Queen Elizabeth on the anniversary of her passing before departing for Germany. In an exclusive image shared by dailymail.com, Meghan, now 42 years old, can be seen behind the wheel of a black Range Rover valued at $140,000 on a Thursday afternoon.

This sighting coincided with her husband’s arrival in London after months away, as he prepared to attend an awards gala. Meghan, the mother of two, sported sunglasses as she drove in the vicinity of her and Harry’s $14.65 million home in Montecito, which is just a short distance from the $18 million Malibu property they have reportedly been considering.

A closer look at the car reveals that it lacks a license plate on the front, as confirmed by a source. Meghan is known to have connections with the Hertz car rental director, dating back to an awards ceremony in New York City’s Ziegfeld Ballroom, where her family attended and passed by the Hertz car rental office.

According to the Hertz CEO, the $140,000 Black Range Rover in question belongs to the dealership, and they accommodated the tenant’s request to remove the license plate, thus avoiding any identification as a rental car in California, where rental cars can be easily recognized by their license plate numbers.

Notably, during this outing, there was no driver or bodyguard closely observed accompanying Meghan, suggesting her independence. This recent development has sparked rumors of financial troubles and potential bankruptcy. In a previous interview, Meghan admitted to driving herself, and their Oprah tour showcased Harry taking the wheel, signifying significant financial setbacks. They may now be forced to tighten their belts as they teeter on the brink of bankruptcy.

Recalling Meghan’s interview with Allison P. Davis, where she admitted to only seeing the exterior of the house they decided to purchase, it raises questions about their financial prudence. Her focus on the house’s exterior aligns with narcissistic tendencies that prioritize outward appearances over practicality.

The house itself poses a considerable financial burden, with a hefty mortgage, maintenance costs, and extensive groundskeeping expenses that could amount to around seven hundred thousand dollars for a property of its size. Their inability to keep up with the required maintenance further complicates matters, making it challenging to sell the property, whether owned or rented.

Their precarious financial situation is exacerbated by the fact that they did not secure the full $20 million payout from Spotify, and the Netflix deal for three to four shows fell short of the $100 million mark. With their finances in jeopardy, the timing of the exclusive article in the Daily Mail, coinciding with the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, has raised eyebrows. Some view it as a deliberate attempt to overshadow Prince William and Catherine, using personal photographers to elevate Meghan’s image.

Meghan’s recent actions, such as calling the paparazzi to capture her driving, seem to be aimed at staying in the spotlight. However, this tactic has been met with criticism, given the occasion of the Queen’s death anniversary and Meghan’s prior disrespectful behavior towards the late Queen. Meghan’s desire to upstage others, especially Catherine, remains consistent with her brand, but it has left many questioning the depth of her contributions beyond superficial gestures like driving a car.