Hilary Duff reveals why she wanted her son to watch her give birth

Having a child at the time of birth is not a decision that all parents make, but in Duff’s case, there was a compelling reason. In a recent interview, she explained why she wanted her son to witness firsthand the miracle of birth.

Hilary Duff has been a strong advocate for home birth, as she welcomed her two daughters, Banks and Mae, into the comfort of her own home. However, what’s even more surprising is that Ella Duff had her eldest son, Luca, present during the birth of her little sister, Mae.

Duff’s decision to give birth at home was not without risk, and the actress acknowledged that it was a decision that required careful thought and planning. However, for her, the benefits of having her family present at such a monumental moment far outweighed the potential risks.

Duff revealed that her decision to give birth at home was due to her watching The Business of Being Born. When it came time to give birth to her second baby, Ella Duff was feeling pretty calm. Her first birth with Luca had gone smoothly, and she wasn’t worried about needing medical assistance this time. In fact, she was convinced that a home birth was the perfect option for her growing family.

“You’re bringing a baby into the world, which is one of the hardest jobs you can do,” explains Ella Duff. “And they don’t let you drink water in the hospital, or food or snacks, and you’re about to work the hardest you’ve ever worked to get the baby out.”

Duff opened up about her love for bringing her little ones into the world in the comfort of her own home. “Having my children close while I give birth is something that is most hippie in me,” she admitted with a laugh. But it turns out that it is a beautiful experience for the whole family.

For Duff, Luca being present during the birth was an important teaching moment about the strength of women and the miracle of birth. “It was important to me because I really like being honest with him about the strength of women and what childbirth is like,” Ella Duff explained.

She also added that her son knows “everything about menstruation and it is important for me to normalize that conversation with him for all the women who will be in her life.” Duff is not only a loving mother, but also a powerful advocate for women’s health and empowerment.