Hilary Swank put her career aside to take care of her father

Hilary Swank had to stop her rise in Hollywood to assume the role of a lifetime, putting herself in charge of a challenging family situation.

Just when Hilary Swank seemed to have reached the top of her career, after a long list of awards and even becoming a producer of her films, she had to put the brakes on her life as an actress. In 2014, a reason beyond her professional nature prompted her to turn her back on the Hollywood spotlight, to begin a new facet alongside her father.

At that time, Stephen Swank, the actress’s father, had been diagnosed with lung damage of such magnitude that his only hope for life was to obtain a transplant. A delicate intervention that required special care, so almost without thinking, Hilary became his main caregiver.

“A lung transplant is the most complicated surgery a person can have,” said the actress about the procedure her father underwent.

Faced with such a situation, Hilary knew that it was time to be by her father’s side full-time, so her initial plan was to get out of the spotlight for a year, without suspecting that this would only be the beginning of a long process. which ended up extending his retirement from the world of acting.

“It was supposed to be a year because that’s how long it takes to see if an organ transplant turns out well,” the actress revealed about her initial plan to put her career on pause. However, not everything went according to her plan. After a year, Hilary shared her deep gratitude for her father’s gradual recovery, but Stephen’s health still depended on her daughter’s physical and emotional support.

“One year quickly became two years and then three,” said the protagonist of Blows of Destiny. In fact, despite knowing that her father’s health was her priority, she does not hesitate to say that it was hard to walk away from what had been her main project until that moment. “It was scary, but I realized that I am much more than an actress and I was able to explore many other things about myself.”

One of those things was, without a doubt, her relationship with her father, since as the years passed and Mr. Swank’s medical condition improved, they both took advantage of every opportunity to share both everyday moments and special dates. “I became incredibly close to him during this time, savoring every moment together.”

In 2018, after having overcome the battle that this transplant meant for both of them, they were able to live a special experience on Hilary’s wedding day, when, hand in hand with her father, she walked to the altar. That year, the actress not only dressed as a bride but also returned to the screens.

What seemed like complete happiness, she would have a setback. Three years later, Stephen departed this world, leaving his daughter with a feeling of deep personal loss, as the actress described: “He will always be one of my favorite people, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.” ”.

However, Hilary still had a light at the end of the tunnel. In October 2022, just one year after the death of her father, she shared with her followers the happy news of her pregnancy. The actress, 48 years old, was in sweet expectation, and not only one, but two new members would arrive to her family, to fill her home with sweetness.

The twins in her womb also seem to be a special gift from heaven for the actress, since her expected date of birth is the same day her father had his birthday. “We could not have wished for a more incredible miracle. “I feel so grateful for the two greatest gifts in life.”