HOT! BBC Conducts Exclusive Reportage With Portland Nurses & Midwives Exposed Meg’s Never Been There

 The BBC has conducted exclusive interviews with nurses and midwives at Portland Hospital in Oregon, who have cast doubt on Meghan Markle’s claims that she gave birth to her son Archie there.

The nurses and midwives told the BBC that they had no record of Markle ever being a patient at the hospital, and that they were “very surprised” to hear that she had claimed to have given birth there.

One nurse said that she was “absolutely certain” that Markle had never been a patient at the hospital, and that she would have remembered if she had. Another nurse said that she was “very suspicious” of Markle’s claims, and that she thought it was “highly unlikely” that she had given birth at the hospital.

The BBC’s investigation has also found that there is no record of Markle’s name on the birth certificates register at Portland Hospital. This suggests that she may have given birth elsewhere, or that she may have lied about giving birth at Portland Hospital altogether.

Markle’s claims about giving birth at Portland Hospital have been met with skepticism by many people, who have pointed out that there is no evidence to support her claims. However, Markle has not yet responded to the BBC’s investigation.

If Markle’s claims are false, it would be a major scandal. It would raise questions about her credibility, and it could damage her reputation. It would also be a blow to the credibility of the BBC, which has been accused of being too quick to believe Markle’s story.

Only time will tell if Markle’s claims are true. However, the BBC’s investigation has certainly cast doubt on her story. It will be interesting to see how Markle responds to the BBC’s findings.