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Husband 'found estranged wife's new lover in cupboard before beating him to death with his son'

A father allegedly ‘killed his wife’s new lover with his son’ in a Norfolk house.

Wayne Peckham, 49, and son Riley Peckham, 23, allegedly kicked, stamped and punched Matthew Rodwell, 39, during the savage attack.

Norwich Crown Court heard how Mr Rodwell had been in a relationship with Wayne’s estranged wife – and Riley’s mother – Kerry Peckham and was at her home on the evening of January 23 last year. 

Norwich Crown Court heard Riley shouted out ‘You’re going to die, you’re going to die’ after finding Matthew in the cupboard.

Wayne then acted with his son to ‘settle scores’ in a ‘joint enterprise’, jurors were told.

The pair had turned up at the home in Downham Market, Norfolk, on January 23 last year.

Riley had clambered onto the roof of the property before entering through a window, jurors were told.

Kerry Peckham’s new lover Matthew Rodwell was beaten to death

‘Terrified’ Matthew then called 999 as he cowered in the wardrobe in Kerry’s youngest son’s bedroom.

Riel Karmy-Jones KC, prosecuting, said he expressed ‘genuine fear’ about what was about to happen to the call operator.

Riley then told his dad ‘he’s here’ after discovering Matthew.

Kerry told how she heard struggling coming from upstairs as she desperately tried to stop her ex barging past her.

Wayne then began ‘kicking, stamping and punching’ Matthew to ‘his body and face’ after he tumbled down the stairs, The Sun reported.

Estranged husband Wayne Peckham is accused of murder

The court was told Kerry was also struck as she attempted to protect her partner during the attack.

Ms Karmy-Jones described the attack on Matthew as a ‘planned and vicious assault’.

She added: ‘Riley and Wayne were at the time of the incidents not just father and son, but close allies.

‘Both of them were content to use aggression and violence to achieve their aims’.

Police arrived at the home to find ‘screaming’ coming from inside and Matthew lying stricken in the hall.

Wayne Peckham initially tried hiding from officers behind a curtain but was eventually arrested, jurors heard.

His son was caught a couple of hours later at his step-grandad’s home after he fled the scene.

Tragically, Matthew couldn’t be saved and was declared dead at the scene.

A post mortem found he had suffered more than 40 ‘significant’ injuries and died from strangulation.

The court was told Kerry had moved in with Matthew after ending her ‘turbulent’ marriage to the father of her three children.

She claims he was ‘rough, volatile and controlling’ towards her and a ‘bad influence’ on son Riley.

Matthew had moved into her home but was forced to park his car some distance away so Wayne would not find out, jurors heard.

The court was told both Peckhams are also accused of attacking a young couple in their home.

Georgia Daniels, 22, and Max Hudson were watching TV when Riley ‘stormed in through the patio doors’.

He then attacked the couple along with his dad, who had followed him in, it was said.

Both defendants deny the charges of murder against them.

The father and son are also accused of attacking a young couple, Georgia Daniels, 22, and Max Hudson, in their home, after Daniels was said to have made accusations against Riley in the local Tesco store.

The prosecution said that Riley ‘stormed in through the patio doors’ after creeping around the back of the property where the couple were watching television.

He allegedly attacked them and his father reportedly followed him in.