Story Time

I WAS CUT IN HALF. HOW DO I LIVE NOW? A real-life story

Hi friends, i’m going to tell you the story of a guy who simply blew my mind. He did something unbelievable with his life. Considering the severity of the situation, he found himself in, let’s see what helped him overcome the worst thing that can happen to a man, because what happened to him is something you wouldn’t wish on your enemy watch. How many plans dreams goals and hopes you had?

It was the same for 19 year old lawrence showers. He was studying working part-time in his spare time and, most importantly, he was happy with his sweetheart named sabia. They planned to get married after graduation, wanted to buy a house, have a child and just enjoy every day of their lives, but one incident almost ended it all. Lauren went to work as usual on a day off from studying he was working on a forklift. It was foggy and he drove off a bridge.

A four-ton forklift fell right on top of him, crushing half his body and his arm. The guy says he didn’t feel any pain due to the shock and was awake the whole time. The entire lower part of his body was shattered into small pieces. The bones were literally crushed. The doctors had no choice but to amputate the crumpled body parts.

Not many people believed he would recover much less return to a normal life. The whole time the guy was fighting for life, his family and his beloved sabia were by his side sleeping next to his bed. She spent half a year in the hospital, and during that time she said goodbye to lawrence six times and at the moment of surgery. When he was told that he might have survived, he left her a note with only one phrase written in it. I love you but all went well.

Laurent started to recover when the guy awoke he saw the same kind-hearted eyes and the same smile that had become so close to him. No one believed the couple would last everyone thought that xavier would find someone else and lauren’s parents said they would understand if she wanted to leave, to which the girl unexpectedly answered that amputation had not changed anything in their relationship, that everything would be fine and she Was ready to take care of her beloved? You must agree that in this age, when young people have almost lost the true sense of love, when one in three marriages breaks up, it’s a great privilege to see such a case. While her peers – and she is 18 years old – are hanging out and not getting out of tick, tock, recording, non-intellectual content, she’s, nursing, her lover and nursing is not that easy. It’S a huge amount of work that needs to be done every day.

Tell me, which 18 year old girl can do exactly what sebia did for laurent laurent in turn showed incredible courage in not breaking down after what happened. Of course, a lot of credit goes to his girlfriend: the support of his family, qualified medical care and a society that is comfortable with people with disabilities. All of these factors help lauren to remain himself and not feel the unconditional harshness of the situation. I wonder what would have happened to lord if the same thing had happened to him in any of the cis countries just for the sake of interest write in the comments. What city are you from and how do people with disabilities live there?

Are there any conditions and we go on? I love him and he’s everything to me says savia this case has certainly changed our lives. The simplest things have become complicated. Ordinary activities that we didn’t pay attention to before have become a series of problems, but we cope with them. We’Re very young but we’re strong lauren doesn’t fall down.

I won’t let him. I very often hear advice that i should leave him and get on with organizing my own life, but he is my life, but people don’t understand how we are going to live together if we can’t even have sex. Our sexual relationship was never the core of our love. We could not make love at all for a long time and we were fine. This only plays a role in couples who are not interested in each other.

We have nothing to talk about, and in general there is no love there at all with us. It’S different that forklift crushed lauren’s body, but it couldn’t do anything to our world, which had always been a place of love. I fell in love with him. I know what sabia could have told you and i’m telling you that she’s lying lauren jokes i’ll, be brief and say that if anything had happened to her, i would have done the same thing. That’S about sabia.

As for me, god has left me alive. Maybe by my example, i meant to inspire people, i don’t know all i learned after the incident is that the greatest value is hidden inside of us. I lost half of my body, but that didn’t make me any worse. I firmly believe that we are so much more than just our bodies. I wish everyone good health that, in all circumstances, don’t get discouraged all will be well.

The most important thing is to have those who love you and those who love you by your side. I’M insanely grateful to life for my savior every day. I thank god that i met my companion. I couldn’t handle it without her she’s my motivation to be strong. I know a lot of people think about how i live without my genitals, but believe me without them.

I haven’t stopped being a man with my own goals and dreams. It may take much more time and effort to achieve them than before, but i will not back down. I will find a way to support our family and live the life. I’Ve always dreamed of lauren continues to study at university and wants to get a master’s degree in it technology, while sebia is blogging about their lives and studying business and marketing part-time. Let’S wish these brave guys the best of luck and that all their plans and dreams come true.

I really hope that you like this episode and learn the most important thing to cope with everything with the most positive attitude, because if there was a disaster, something happened.