Jason Momoa confesses that he was ‘completely in debt’ after Game of Thrones

The actor reveals in an interview that he could not find a job after giving life to Daenerys Targaryen’s husband in the first season of the series and that it was difficult for him to even pay for his house.

It’s hard to imagine Aquaman’s hard-hitting lead man confessing he can’t pay his bills, but that’s what happened this week when Jason Momoa revealed in an interview with InStyle that’s what happened to him after playing Khal Drogo, the husband of Daenerys Targaryen – the character played by Emilia Clarke – in the first season of the successful series Game of Thrones.

“I mean we were starving after Game of Thrones. I couldn’t get a job. It is very difficult to have small children and be completely in debt, ”said the actor about the time that followed his participation in the series that ended with his murder in fiction in 2011.

The actor born in Honolulu 41 years ago is now one of the highest-paid in the world, but at that time he admits that it was difficult for him to pay the bills for the Los Angeles house that he shares with his wife, Lisa Bonet, and their two children, Lola Iolani. , 13 years old, and Nakoa-Wof Manakauapo Namakaeha, 11.

It is not the first time that he has spoken about this time of economic hardship, in May 2019 he already said that during a break in the filming of Game of Thrones, he was so broke that he did not have money to take a plane and fly back home, which ted him and a friend to rent a van in Belfast – where scenes from the series were being filmed at that time – and tour “the beautiful and surprising Ireland in search of the best pint of Guinness.”

The outlook did not change until luck smiled on him and he landed the role of Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. A superhero character that led him to be one of the protagonists of the film Justice League in 2017 and to have his own film embodying the same character in Aquaman, in 2018. Now he admits that he still feels like “a crazy child.” who can’t quite believe how his life has changed and the paths his career has taken. This same summer he acknowledged that when he saw the trailer for Dune, the fiction film that will be released in 2021, he thought: “There I was with Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem and I thought: ‘My God, I can’t believe my name is next to the of those actors.”

In the same interview, the actor also talked about fatherhood and how he wants to be a present father for his children. He, who grew up without a father figure at home, acknowledged that he did not “know what it takes to be a father,” and stated that he does not want to impose his decisions on his children: “I really want to connect with them, I want to be vulnerable and open.”. On the topic of vulnerability he also stated that he may be “a warrior,” but he also wants to be able to say: “I have a lot of problems and I want to correct them.” To which he added that we all have a feminine and a masculine side and “we need to embrace both.”

Momoa is married to Lisa Bonet, with whom he said “I do” in a secret wedding in 2017. He thus saw a dream come true when at the age of eight and pointing to the television he said to his mother: “Mommy, I love that one.” girl”. And that girl was none other than Bonet, who at the age of 20 was one of the actresses in The Bill Cosby Hour. The couple met in 2005 at a jazz club through mutual friends and sparks immediately flew. Although Momoa did not confess his childhood love to his wife until they had children. Bonet already came from a previous relationship with the singer Lenny Kravitz, with whom she had Zoë, 30, and whom she divorced in 1993. But the relationship between the new marriage and the actress’s ex-husband is quite good, as revealed by Kravitz to The Times. Both families have a great friendship, which they demonstrate on social networks. The singer said this about Momoa: “he is like a brother to me.” The tough guy he plays on screen becomes a lamb in real life if necessary and the actor takes advantage of his growing fame to help charitable causes, especially those related to the environment.