Jenna Ortega spent her crying during the filming of Merlina

Jenna Ortega revealed the bad moment she had during the filming of the famous Netflix series and how that made her feel extremely sad and anguished.

The success that Merlina has brought to Jenna Ortega is impressive. Since the young actress joined the Tim Burton series for Netflix, her name has not stopped going around all social networks and media. It is that her work as the young woman of the Addams clan has enchanted everyone.

Let’s remember that in this fiction, we meet Merlina Addams, who is sent to Nevermore Academy for her misconduct. There, she begins to spend time with people like her, outcasts, and different from her, and as she begins to investigate a series of murders in town, she also delves into discovering her own powers and a family secret of hers.

Merlina went on to become one of the most-watched series on Netflix and the actress received all the applause and praise for her performance. The truth is that she was a role with a lot of pressure since she had to fill the shoes that were once occupied and so well executed by Lisa Loring and Christina Ricci.

For the last time, Jenna Ortega has been opening up and revealing some details of what it was like to play Merlina in Tim Burton’s fiction. Although she is very happy and grateful to have been part of the show, she also acknowledges that it has been her most demanding and exhausting job and that it led her to go through some bad moments.

As a teenager, Jenna Ortega had to learn a lot of new things, including fencing, cello, canoeing, and even German. And while she had started preparing months before shooting began, she also had to continue learning while it was taking place. “I would show up on set two hours early, work 12-14 hour days, and when I came home, I would connect to Zoom or whatever class I had,” the actress revealed.

She also confessed that it became an extremely exhausting and stressful routine, especially when she had to learn the songs on the cello. “I didn’t sleep at all, I pulled my hair out” confessed Jenna Ortega, who also confessed that she called her father crying in the middle of the night on several occasions because of the frustration of not being able to do the solos well with the instrument.

The interpreter also revealed that she put a lot of pressure on herself to be able to interpret the solos that are part of the series. It should be remembered that among Merlina’s many skills, the cello is one of them. “We started to run out of time because Merlina appears in almost every scene. They had to start using stunt doubles or cello doubles, but I was determined to be as well prepared as possible because I wanted them to be able to use me. It is much more believable if you can see your face ”she finished.

They say that he who does not risk does not win, and all the effort and dedication that Jenna Ortega put in paid off. Her work was highly praised and the success of Merlina was such that the series was already renewed for a second season on Netflix. Jenna even earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Series.