Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman shared the most unexpected revelations

One of the interviews conducted on a late night that went viral most quickly was the one that Jimmy Fallon conducted with Nicole Kidman in 2015.

The host discovered lives that the Australian actress had wanted to go on a date with him when she was single and the face of His interlocutor’s surprise was undeniable. The anecdote that Kidman shared referred to a day when she was spending time with a friend of the driver, Rick, who called him on the phone to see if they could come visit him to offer him a role in a movie. Fallon accepted, and Kidman told his version of that meeting.

“I remember that I liked you, but that you didn’t talk to me, that you played video games, so I didn’t know what was happening, I thought you were gay, but you didn’t speak to me,” the Oscar winner recalled with a laugh. At that moment, the host was incredulous at Kidman’s revelation since, from her perspective, he never thought she was interested in him.

“Well, it doesn’t happen to me now and I’m married, so that’s it,” the actress clarified. “I tried to have something with you, but I couldn’t. “You were a bit scatterbrained and you didn’t realize what was happening, I thought you weren’t interested and I was very embarrassed,” Nicole told Jimmy in an unmissable exchange that placed emphasis on “what could have been.”

Jennifer Aniston and a trip that could have ended in tragedy
When Jennifer Aniston was approaching her fiftieth birthday, she decided to throw a large-scale celebration with a group of friends. Unfortunately, all the expectations she had for that February 11 celebration mutated into panic due to an event that left her very traumatized. In a recent visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show with her friend and colleague from the Netflix diptych, Mystery on Board and Mystery in Sight, Adam Sandler, the actress shared an anecdote that also involved Kimmel’s wife, Molly, one of the birthday guests.

While the plane was heading to Mexico, the jet lost one of its tires, so the crew decided at the last minute that it was safer to go to Ontario International Airport, where the emergency landing occurred. In those minutes that felt eternal, everyone began sending messages to loved ones.

“My wife told me that she had been a great husband,” Kimmel said with a laugh, thus revealing the message that Molly sent him amid panic. In 2019, Aniston visited Ellen DeGeneres on her show, in which they both recalled the exchange they had amid a moment of desperation. “Everyone on the plane began to feel panic, everyone I looked at to feel comforted had their faces full of tears, they began to send messages to their children, their partners, their loved ones, and I thought: ‘What? Who wrote to you?’ And then boom! You were the first person to ask me if I was okay, and I yelled ‘Ellen! Yes, I have someone who loves me,’” she shared.