Jennifer Garner’s touching gesture with a homeless person

The actress did not hesitate to help a man in a wheelchair and she even offered him her slippers when she saw that he was walking barefoot.

Actress Jennifer Garner and a photographer who had been following her came together to help someone in need. The photographer in question was capturing images of the actress in her car in a parking lot in Santa Monica Beach, California when Garner rolled down the window and began talking to a homeless man in a wheelchair.

The 51-year-old actress chatted for a while with the man, who was wearing a green T-shirt, before handing him a plastic bag full of essential items. When she realized the man was barefoot, Garner immediately opened the door, got out of her vehicle, crouched in front of him, and began putting socks on him.

Garner then took off her own sneakers and tried to put them on, but they were too small. The touching gesture was captured by a photographer in a parking lot in Santa Monica Beach, California.

The casually dressed mother of three noticed the photographer several meters away and headed straight toward him. “How much do you wear?” she asked him. “Can I buy your shoes? I need them”. The photographer asked what number the man needed, to which Garner responded, “10 and a half.” “Oh, I’m size 11! Do you want me to give them to them? I can give them to you,” the photographer responded happily, clarifying that he did not need to pay him.

Last April, Garner hosted a food drive at her home in honor of her 50th birthday. Her boyfriend, John Miller; Her eldest daughter Violet and actor Adam Scott were among those helping out at the charity event.