Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s second part 20 years later with a symbolic ring

The first ring Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez in her first relationship featured a stunning pink diamond for which Affleck reportedly paid $2.5 million.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have gotten engaged again 20 years after the first time. The love story between the singer and the actor this year gave another perfect script twist: the couple walked hand in hand again. And he said yes I want.

She confirmed it herself by publishing a short video clip of her on her website, where the singer showed her engagement ring with a large mint green diamond.

Jennifer Lopez, almost without makeup and dressed casually, in a green top and a cream-colored knitted cardigan, looked excitedly at her jewel.

On her Twitter account, she had announced shortly before that something “important” was about to be revealed. “I have a really exciting and special story to share,” she said, adding a ring emoji to her name on the social media site.

Thus, she confirmed the news of her engagement after some published photos in which she was seen with a ring that was speculated to be an engagement ring.

This large green diamond ring is the second with the same name. There is his symbolism: Jennifer Lopez already had a wedding date with him 20 years ago. The first had a stunning pink diamond for which Affleck is said to have paid $2.5 million. Their love story dates back to 2002, they got engaged at the end of that same year and planned to say ‘I do’ in 2003. They later postponed the wedding and finally separated in January 2004. Their lives took different paths – couples, and children included – until they reunited in May 2021, a month after Jennifer Lopez broke off her engagement with Alex Rodríguez, with whom, until they decided otherwise, the singer and actress thought to go through the altar. Now Jennifer Lopez shares life with Affleck and no longer has eyes for anyone else. They got married in Las Vegas and their proposal, according to the singer, was the most romantic thing she could have “ever imagined,” since it was “just a quiet moment.”