Katie Holmes confirms her breakup with businessman Emilio Vitolo

Officially together since last September, the actress and the owner of several New York restaurants have decided to end it amicably.

While the whole world is still pending the romance that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are apparently up to, in Hollywood there is another couple who is going through just the opposite. This is Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr, who perhaps because of maintaining balance in the universe, have decided to put an end to their relationship now that a much more important one is being born.

This has been confirmed by a representative of the actress to Us Weekly, advancing that the separation has been “by mutual agreement and in a completely friendly manner.” Come on, fortunately, the protagonist of Dawson’s Grows Up this time will not have to go through the ordeal that she suffered when she divorced Tom Cruise.

“Their relationship has failed because they realized they were better off as friends. There hasn’t been any drama after the breakup. In fact, they remain friends because Katie and Emilio have really enjoyed their time together. Now she is focused on being a mother and on her next projects as an actress, ”a source close to the couple also states in the publication.

It was last September when Holmes and Vitolo were first photographed walking hand in hand through New York. Some images confirmed the rumors that for weeks claimed that the actress and the owner of several restaurants were in love. Especially her, What she valued most about that relationship was that he did not belong to the circle of movie stars that she is used to frequenting, and that had given her so much trouble in the past.

It was this trust that allowed the couple to consolidate by leaps and bounds. So much so that Holmes, quite discreet in everything related to her private life, did not care at all that Vitolo published a photo of her on her Instagram in which the businessman was seen having dinner with her to celebrate her birthday. “The most wonderful, kind, and beautiful person in the world,” said the businessman about his girl.

But everything that goes up, must come down. Especially when she does it this fast. And as much as they wanted it, in the end, reality prevailed and it was very difficult for them to keep the flame alive because of living in different cities and having such different work schedules.