Keanu Reeves Donated 70% Of His ‘Matrix’ Earnings

Keanu Reeves has conquered the audience not only with his work on the big screen like in the ‘Matrix’ and ‘John Wick’ movies, but also because of the actor does not hesitate to use his money for great causes or gifts.

Keanu Reeves’s generosity, charisma, humility, and sympathy have made him one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

Likewise, the actor is one of the highest-paid celebrities in the industry, which has allowed him to amass a fortune of around 380 million dollars, according to information from the financial site Celebrity Net Worth.

Best of all, Keanu not only enjoys this money but also shares much of the profit he makes from his films.

In 1999, the first ‘Matrix’ movie was released, which had a total collection of more than 466 million dollars.

Among those earnings, Keanu received a salary of 10 million dollars at the beginning, which added 35 million more for the box office performance of the film, according to LAD Bible.

However, the actor only kept a small part of this money, since 70% donated it to an organization focused on the study of leukemia treatment.

This type of blood cancer has a strong impact on the actor’s life, since Kim, one of his sisters, suffered from it. Fortunately, after 10 years of fighting, he is now in remission.

Keanu Reeves Has His Own Foundation That Helps People With Cancer

In addition to the million-dollar donation he made after the success of ‘The Matrix’, Keanu has designated funds to his own foundation focused on cancer research.

In 2009, the star of ‘John Wick’ explained to Ladies Home Journal that his foundation had already been helping children’s hospitals and cancer research for several years.

“I have a private foundation that’s been running for five or six years and helps support a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research. I don’t like to put my name on it, I just let the foundation do what it does.”

Watches for ‘John Wick’ stunts

After the end of filming the fourth John Wick movie, Keanu Reeves invited several of the film’s stunt doubles, known as stuntmen, to a dinner in Paris.

At this site, Reeves presented each of them with a custom Rolex watch, costing around $10,000 apiece.

The luxurious accessory also featured an inscription on the back where Keanu personally thanked each of the action actors.

Motorcycles for the stunts of ‘The Matrix Reloaded

Rolex watches aren’t the only gift Keanu has given the stunt crew from his films. After the filming of ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ ended, Keanu gave 12 Harley Davidsons motorcycles to the stunt coordinators.

Matrix Earnings for the VFX and Costume Team

In addition to personalized gifts, Keanu also gave away a portion of his Matrix earnings to the film’s special effects and wardrobe teams.

According to The Richest, the actor gave around $2.7 million to each department. “They were the ones who made the film and they should participate,” explained the interpreter of Neo.

Keanu Reeves Cut His Salary For The Sake Of Several Movies

Keanu Reeves has worked with big Hollywood stars who, due to their prestige and career, request millions of dollars to participate in the movies.

To get the productions to go ahead within budget, Keanu has reduced his salary so that great actors can participate in them.

For example, in ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, Reeves lowered his contract so that the producers could afford Al Pacino’s salary. The same thing happened in ‘The Replacements’: Keanu gave up a few million of his salary to secure Gene Hackman on the tape.