Keith Urban Saves Nicole Kidman During Awkward Interview on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, and Nicole Kidman return quite far. Truth be told, they have a more profound semi heartfelt history that relatively few individuals knew about until of late.

But have no fear, because Keith Urban is here!

During an interview between the actress and the late-night talk show host, the awkward subject of dating rejection between the two was brought up again by Kidman who admitted that Fallon didn’t ask for her number on not just one, but multiple occasions. As the two bantered on about the past in a comedic planned skit, Urban came to Kidman’s rescue by showing off his guitar and vocal skills with a rendition of the loving hit, “Dream Weaver.

After sharing a smooch and taking a close seat on the stage, Urban and Fallon squash any beef with some casual small talk as they both are obviously fans and friends of one another.

The couple then kept it comfortable with their lap seating while playing a round of “The Jinx Challenge” with Fallon, where a subject is said and the players must try to match the same word at the count of three. From letters of the alphabet to colors, the trio occasionally made a jinx with one another by using telepathic methods to line up their answers. In the end, though, it seemed as if Kidman and Urban were the real winners of the chemistry game as they cuddled romantically on the couch like puppy love.

Urban is finishing up his last dates of the Ripcord Tour in New York this weekend before heading to Australia and New Zealand to play a few shows in his homeland. Fans can find more information about the tour on his website.