Kerry Washington Exposes Meghan Markle’s Persistent Outfit Copying, Alleging Stalking Since 2013

The fame-hungry Meghan Markle finally got her fill of celebrity glamour during Beyonce’s concert, mingling with a crowd of A-listers for the second time in just four days. The Duchess of Sussex joined the Beyhive as she attended the singer’s Renaissance World Tour in Los Angeles, as reported by People magazine. During the event, the 46-year-old Meghan posed with notable celebrities, including Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and actress Kerry Washington.
Meghan and Kerry Washington had known each other for several years, but it seems Kerry chose to crop Meghan out of her Instagram post, indicating potential embarrassment. It’s interesting to note that Kerry Washington enjoys a prominent position in both Hollywood and American politics, whereas Meghan Markle’s attempts to copy her style and connections have not gone unnoticed.

Megan has been accused of frequently imitating Kerry Washington’s fashion choices. An incident dating back to May 2013 involved both Megan and Kerry attending the same dinner hosted by Idris Elba. Later on, Megan was spotted wearing the exact same London dress, raising eyebrows.

Meghan had even referred to Kerry as her “goal crush” in the past. Furthermore, Meghan appeared to emulate Kerry by wearing a Zara dress that Kerry had donned in March 2018, with Meghan wearing a strikingly similar outfit just a month later in April 2018. This pattern of imitation has earned Meghan a reputation for copying and plagiarism, extending from clothing choices to her literary endeavors.

While drawing inspiration from high-profile figures is common, it’s essential to ensure that the outfits fit correctly. Meghan’s penchant for replicating styles and looks may have led her to overlook the importance of tailoring to achieve a perfect fit. For instance, clothing might fit well at the waist but require tailoring in other areas to achieve a flattering look.

Meghan’s style choices have raised questions about her attention to detail and the expertise of her stylists, particularly when she appeared at an engagement without adhering to the dress code. Additionally, scrutiny of her hairstyle suggested the possibility of extensions or even a wig. Meghan’s questionable fashion choices have left some wondering if her stylist or advisors should reconsider their choices.