Kevin Bacon and his wife moved to a farm after losing millions

Farm life has called for Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, and they were happy to oblige. The famous couple saw their lives turned upside down due to a financial disaster, but they didn’t let it drag them down. Kevin and Kyra picked up what was left and rebuilt their lives in the most inspiring way.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have continued their marriage for almost 35 years.

The Everybody’s Dancing star and his beautiful wife have been one of the strongest couples in Hollywood for as long as we can remember. They married in September 1988, they have been inseparable and are increasingly united.

In 2008, Sedgwick confirmed that they are the closest thing to the perfect couple: “We always knew we were perfect for each other. “We both knew that this was forever and that we were going to work it out no matter what, so when we fight, it’s not so scary.”

Unfortunately, even famous people face challenges in their lives, and that happened to Kevin and Kyra in 2009. The couple found themselves in the middle of one of the most infamous Ponzi schemes. They were one of the many victims who invested in Bernie Madoff’s financial schemes, which caused them to lose a lot of money.

Bacon has never officially shared the exact amount they were defrauded of, but reports say it is up to $30 million. After some time, Kevin commented on the situation, saying that although it was painful, it made him and Kyra focus on what was important: “We’ve come this far, our kids are healthy, we’re healthy, you know? Let’s look at what’s good about us.”

The incident appears to have pushed Kevin and Kyra to rethink their lives. The famous couple decided to move away from Hollywood a while ago and settled on a cozy farm in Connecticut. The pair regularly post updates about their life on the farm surrounded by their beloved livestock, and it looks beyond idyllic.

The couple’s favorite activity is singing, especially to their goats. In fact, Kyra posts so many videos singing to goats that it has become the main thing people recognize them for.