King Charles mocked his son Princess Harry in the cruelest way

Prince Harry separated from royalty in 2021, to have a more private and normal life with Meghan Markle and moved first to Canada and then to New York, where they currently live.

The couple wanted to be away from the sc@nd@l, the paparazzi, and the orders of the royal family, but a few months ago they decided to break the silence and talk about everything they experienced there.

Meghan and Harry released a documentary on Netflix where they not only detail aspects of their current life, but also tell how they met, and everything they have experienced so far.

But, the biggest sc@nd@l has been the book that Princess Diana’s youngest son wrote and has already gone on sale, called Spare, and where he has given greater details about his life as royalty.

The prince confessed that he had a big argument with his brother William about Meghan, where he even choked him, and also revealed other details about his father, King Charles III.

Prince Harry confesses that his father, King Charles III, made fun of him and claimed that it was not his son

King Charles III has experienced many sc@nd@ls in his life, but he surely never imagined that, just months after his coronation as king, he would experience the greatest of all at the hands of his son, Prince Harry.

The young man has made some revelations about his father, among them, the pain he experienced when receiving constant ridicule and sarcasm from the king, who told him that he was not his son.

For years there was a rumor that Princess Diana’s youngest son, Harry, was not the son of Charles but of Major James Hewitt, with whom Lady Di had an affair, while the now king ignored her and humiliated her with Camilla Parker.

One of the big reasons was his red hair, and accusations came from all sides, including from King Charles himself, who mocked Harry.

According to the prince, his father “made bad jokes,” and was sarcastic all the time about how he was not his father, and that his father was James, hitting Harry where it hurt the most.

This of course made Prince Harry not only feel bad, but also hold a grudge against him forever, something that has not healed, even though he wants to reconcile with him and with his brother William.