King Charles & Prince William Feel Betrayed by Prince Harry; Peace Talks Rumors Shut Down

In the aftermath of a deep-seated rift, King Charles and his eldest son, Prince William, have been grappling with feelings of betrayal at the hands of Prince Harry. The prospect of peace talks between the estranged brothers now appears increasingly dim.

Despite the once-close bond they shared, Prince William’s friends assert that the door to reconciliation remains ajar, albeit under markedly different conditions.

As mid-September approaches, the three royal figures—Charles, William, and Harry—are slated to be in proximity, yet there are no plans for them to convene, according to sources within the royal circles.

The strained relationship between Prince Harry and his royal relatives has shown no signs of improvement since the release of his tell-all book, according to insiders. Consequently, any hopes of peace talks between the Sussexes and the royal family have been dashed.

A confidant of Prince William confided in The Daily Beast, stating unequivocally, “Charles won’t be seeing Harry, and nor will William.” The source went on to emphasize that there is “no chance” of such a meeting between the two siblings.

The source explained further, “He [William] feels utterly betrayed by what Harry wrote about him in the book and said about him on Netflix. They were very close growing up, so it has been very painful for William. But ultimately what can he do? Just look at Spare. It’s literally William’s worst nightmare. It is a total violation of his privacy.”

“In addition,” the insider continued, “Harry has criticized Kate and the way he is bringing up his children. It’s very, very sad. I think it is completely understandable that right now William is still absolutely disgusted by what his brother has done.”

Amidst the turmoil, reports suggest that the 74-year-old monarch is preparing to convene a royal summit to chart the future of the royal institution. During this summit, King Charles may outline his expectations for the roles of the Prince and Princess of Wales within the Commonwealth.

Notably, in his bestselling memoir, “Spare,” Meghan Markle’s husband, Harry, controversially referred to William as his “arch-nemesis.”

However, friends of Prince William maintain that the door to reconciliation with Harry remains “always open,” albeit subject to a shift in circumstances.

Additionally, there are reports of scheduled talks between Harry and his father, Charles, on September 17, following the return of the King and William to southern England from their summer breaks. Harry, too, will be in Europe after the conclusion of the Invictus Games in Germany.