Laura Lopes, the unknown stepsister of Guillermo and Harry

Laura Lopes’s relationship with the children of King Charles III and Princess Diana was not good during her childhood. Very low profile, she prefers to avoid flashes.

Although British Royalty is usually the center of attention on the media agenda in the United Kingdom, there is a reason why it is not talked about.

Laura is 44 years old, she is not the daughter of King Carlos III nor of the late Lady Di. She was born as a result of the relationship between Camilla Parker Bowles, the current queen consort, and Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles, and is the biological sister of Tom Parker Bowles, a famous British writer and food critic.

Both her brother and her have always stayed away from the media spotlight and her relationship with William and Harry has not been the best from the beginning, due to the turbulent history between her mother, Charles, and Princess Diana. However, she changed over time and proof of this was her presence at the wedding of William and Catherine of Wales.

Carlos, Diana, and Camilla
The story of Diana and Charles’s marriage is known to the general public. They married in 1981, had children, and divorced in 1996. The reality is that the couple quickly cooled down because Carlos’ love belonged to Camila, with whom he always kept in touch.

In an interview with the BBC, Lady Di herself said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit busy.” Carlos and Camila had been together and then they separated. Beyond the new sentimental ties they developed, they continued visiting each other.

Diana Spencer finally died in a car accident on August 31, 1997, where her partner Dodi Al-Fayed, and the driver of the car, Henri Paul, also lost their lives. The death of the former princess hit the royal family and public opinion like a bomb.

Years later, Laura and Tom officially became step-siblings to Harry and William when their parents married in 2005.

Camila’s children
Tom has never had a problem receiving flashes of media attention. He is the author of 7 cookery books and in 2010 won the Guild of Food Writers Award for his writing on British food. He has published reviews in magazines such as GQ and Esquire and has visited famous television shows such as Masterchef and assisted chef Gordon Ramsay on The F-word.

Laura, for her part, prefers to remain in the background. Despite occasionally attending important events like weddings, she sometimes made sure to go incognito. This has its origins in her experiences with the press during her childhood.

Although Carlos was married to Diana when Laura and Tom were still children, versions circulated about his relationship with his mother. This sparked the interest of the tabloid press in them. Laura had a hard time handling it and chose to distance herself from her family so they would pay less attention to her.

She studied Art History and Marketing at Oxford Brookes University. In 2001, Lopes spent three months working at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and managed The Space Gallery in Belgravia. Later in October 2005, she founded Eleven Gallery in London.