Leonardo DiCaprio Aged 48 Finds Love with Italian Model Vittoria Ceretti Aged 25 Stirring Speculation of Settling Down

Known as one of the world’s most renowned bachelors, Leonardo DiCaprio has, after years of romantic rendezvous with much younger, beautiful women, seemingly decided to settle down at the age of 48.

Recent reports suggest that the Hollywood actor has been romantically involved with Italian model Vittoria Ceretti for a period of at least two months. This revelation follows their public display of affection, including a kiss, at an Ibiza nightclub.

Insiders close to DiCaprio claim that he is deeply infatuated with Vittoria, who, at 25 years old, is 23 years his junior. Sources also indicate that the Italian model is now being referred to as his ‘girlfriend.’

Throughout the summer, Leonardo and Vittoria have been secretly globetrotting together, sparking discussions among the actor’s friends that he may have finally decided to leave his bachelor days behind.

One source commented, “Vittoria is undeniably stunning, but it’s worth noting that Leonardo is constantly surrounded by beautiful women. However, there’s a special connection between them, and they’ve spent a significant amount of time together this summer, embarking on romantic getaways.”

“Many women have been seen partying with him, but what he shares with Vittoria is far more serious,” the source added.

Vittoria Ceretti, the daughter of designer Francesca Lazzari, boasts an impressive modeling portfolio, having worked for renowned brands such as Alexander McQueen and Versace. She has also been seen socializing with some members of Leonardo’s inner circle this summer, including Fusion Model Neelam Kaur Gill and DNA Model Meghan Roche.

The relationship between Vittoria and Leonardo has garnered attention, particularly given the actor’s history of dating women aged 25 or younger, often ending the relationships when they reach that age, as he did with his previous serious girlfriend, Camila Morrone, who is now 26.

It remains to be seen whether this new romance will signal a more enduring commitment from the Hollywood star.