Lindsay Lohan Radiantly Reveals Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Lohan, known for her roles in Twin Game and Mean Girls, initially shared her pregnancy news on Instagram on March 14, 2023.

Nearly two months later, the beloved actress once again took to social media to proudly showcase her blossoming baby bump, capturing the sheer joy of impending motherhood.

On April 27, 2023, Lindsay Lohan surprised her followers with a series of photos on her Instagram, proudly displaying her pregnant belly. Expecting her first child with her husband, Bader Shammas, Lindsay couldn’t contain her radiant smile as she conveyed her gratitude for this beautiful phase of her life and the incredible people surrounding her. She expressed, “Good times. So grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.”

The comments section of her post is filled with heartfelt messages from friends and fellow celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Chord Overstreet. Special words of congratulations came from her A Game of Twins (1998) co-stars, Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix. Walter wrote, “Look at this beautiful mom. Much love to you and your family,” while Hendrix commented, “I’m so happy for you, Lindsay.”

Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan, openly shared her excitement about her daughter’s pregnancy, revealing that Lindsay had always longed for this moment. Dina said, “Lindsay has always liked children because I love them, and so does my mother. I am one of 4 siblings. We have a big family, so she has always wanted to have children. And she is very motherly. Isabelle, her niece, runs to her when she sees her.”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, according to Dina Lohan. She disclosed, “She has been trying, and then it happened. That stick tested positive. It’s the right time for her, and Bader is an angel. Her husband is so sweet, and they are so happy. They are really very happy and prepared.”

As of now, Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas have not revealed the expected delivery date or the baby’s gender. Dina Lohan playfully remarked, “The baby’s room is all white, so that doesn’t tell you anything.” Nevertheless, we extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas as they embrace this precious journey into parenthood.