Lionel Messi avoids contact with other women, except with his wife

Messi and Roccuzzo have been childhood sweethearts

The story between Messi and Roccuzzo originated in their childhood in Rosario, Argentina. Their connection arose through Lucas Scaglia, Messi’s childhood friend and Roccuzzo’s cousin. Even though Messi moved to Barcelona for his football career, they never lost touch.

In 2005, the relationship took a deeper turn when Messi returned to Argentina to be by Roccuzzo’s side after the painful death of his best friend.

They have been a couple since at least 2009 and went public with their relationship in the mid-2000s. Although they tend to keep their love life private, they have been an official couple for a long time, wowing fans with glimpses of their relationship over the years. through sporadic behind-the-scenes photos.

Roccuzzo’s beauty is captivating, but Messi’s commitment to her goes beyond her physical appearance

Her 2017 wedding in Rosario was a huge event, often referred to as the “Wedding of the Century.” They had 260 guests, among whom were celebrities such as Luis Suárez, Gerard Piqué and Shakira. Messi is so committed to his wife that he avoids any physical contact with other women.

It is said that Messi wanted to become the best soccer player in the world to give Roccuzzo an exceptional life. But after his marriage, many fans tried to challenge his fidelity. Among them, the influencer Suzy Cortez stood out by tattooing an image of Messi and sending him photos where she was wearing his shirt.

Messi’s response was quick, she immediately blocked it.

Messi refrains from physical contact with other women because, for him, intimacy is reserved only for his wife.

Many people have noticed that Messi seems uncomfortable in photos with other women. He often strikes an unusual pose, with his arms at his sides or his hands in his pockets.

This behavior is apparently because he wants to prevent the media from misinterpreting the photos and implying something inappropriate when that is not the case. Even when he took a photo with Shakira, he kept his distance, stressing that their relationship was strictly platonic.

Messi’s firmness in maintaining boundaries with women who are not his wife serves as a model for other married men, particularly those exposed to numerous attractive women due to his profession. Messi prioritizes his private life with Roccuzzo and his children, repeatedly highlighting his deep affection and loyalty towards his youthful love. Such a degree of commitment is certainly rare and worthy of admiration.