Luxury mobile home worth 1.42 million has built-in garage – The interior is even better!

Wow, now this is what we call traveling in style!

What is your biggest dream in life? Is it to be rich? To have a large family? To be able to sit on your porch, watching the sunset, with your dog next to you? Or is it maybe to leave behind your house and to travel around the world?

((Read until the end for a surprise!))

For a lot of people, this last one is very tempting. And what’s even better, the mobile home we’ll show you today proves that you can travel around the world in style.

Mobile home

This luxury mobile home is outfitted with all the newest gadgets and technology, to make camping life that much more luxurious. Gone are the days of having to compromise on comfort. This isn’t just a mobile home… It’s a mobile mansion.

It even comes with its own garage. But that’s nothing compared to what the interior looks like. Read on to find out!


This mobile home comes with a hefty price tag. It costs 1.42 million euros. For that amount of money, you get a mobile home that is around 12 meters long and weighs around 18 tonnes. It comes with a built-in garage to store your car in and it contains all the newest technology.

Below we’ll show you the built-in garage, before taking you inside and surprising you with the crazy interior.

The garage

As you can see, the mobile home comes with a built-in garage. This way, you can store your car and take it with you on your travels. Need to go somewhere, but don’t want to take the huge mobile home? Take your car out of the garage and take it for a spin.

But this feature is nothing compared to what’s inside. It’s absolutely ridiculous how luxurious this mobile home is. Let us show you below!

Dining room

Yes, you read that right. This mobile home actually has separate rooms. Have a look at the dining room on the picture above. It looks like it came straight out of a mansion interior design book. You’d half expect to see a butler waiting to take your orders.

But that’s not even the craziest part about this mobile home. Let us show you on the next.

Kids bedrooms

Yes, those cabinets under the sink are supposed to double as kids bedrooms. You spend 1.42 million euros on a mobile home, but then your kids needs to sleep in cabinets under the sink. Everyone to their own, but that seems a bit strange.

Luckily, the master bedroom isn’t in a cabinet. Instead, it’s extremely luxurious.

Master bedroom

Does this master bedroom make up for the fact that the kids need to sleep under the sink? We’re not sure. But it is a lovely bedroom. I hope you realize we’re still inside a mobile home. This looks better than most hotel rooms we’ve ever been to. It even comes with a skylight, so you can gaze at the stars while laying in bed.

There’s just one thing missing… The bathroom. Take a look below!


Just like the bedroom, this bathroom looks better than most of its counterparts that are found in hotels. You don’t have to compromise on luxury or comfort at all. It does come with a pretty high price tag, but it’s perfect for those of you that want to no longer be bound to a house. Absolute freedom!

Although for some people, this might be a bit too “ordinary”. On the next page we’ll show you some crazy structures built by millionaires. They are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

10 Crazy Structures Built By Extravagant Millionaires

These rich people really didn’t know what to do with their money

If you would win a million dollars tomorrow, what would you buy? A house? A car? You can also pay off your debts, buy a new TV and get something nice for your loved ones. But what do you do once you have ran out of ideas, while you still have a lot of money left to buy whatever you want?

These extravagant millionaires didn’t know what to do with their money, so they built these crazy structures.

1. The Indonesian “chicken church”

One of these extravagant millionaires really didn’t know what to do with their money, so they had a massive church built in the middle of the Indonesian jungle. The craziest thing about this structure is that it is shaped like a chicken. Or well, a dove, according to the millionaire himself.

Daniel Alamsjah says he was working in Jakarta when he suddenly received a message from God himself to built a church in the shape of a dove. The place was abandoned in 2000, ironically due to a lack of funds. Until then, it was a prayer house for people from any religion: Buddhists, Muslims and Christians.

2. A private mountain on top of a building

This millionaire from Beijing, Zhang Biqing, was already the owner of a 26-story building. But that wasn’t enough: he decided to build a private mountain on top of it. It has everything you’d expect from a Chinese mountain: trees, rocks, grass, pathways, benches to sit on and a lot more.

Zhang Biqing thought he had created the ultimate country getaway in the middle of a city, but unfortunately his dream didn’t last very long. During the six years it took to construct the artificial mountain, he got a lot of complaints from neighbors. After too many of them, local authorities issued an order for Biqing to tear down his pride and joy.

3. A pirate-themed island

When little boys think of what they want to become, they often think about becoming an astronaut, a race car driver, a police officer, or… A pirate. This boyhood dream lasted well into the adult life of this British millionaire.

This eccentric millionaire had this private pirate-themed island built on his English country estate. It lies in the middle of a lake and includes a working pub, a dock, a waterfall and a beach. The owner apparently loves The Pirates of the Caribbean and likes to spend his time on the island while dressed up like Jack Sparrow himself.

4. Fairytale castles in China

This Chinese millionaire has one goal in his life: to build 100 fairytale castles. Liu Chonghua plans to build his fairytale castles all over China, where this kind of architecture isn’t common. He is inspired by Disney movies, buildings in Munich, the work of Spanish architect Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

He has already spent well over 100 million yuan on these castles, already having built seven of them. Chonghua still has a long way to go, but who knows: maybe China will one day have 100 of these castles.

5. An aquarium fence in Turkey

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu is the proud owner of one of the most extravagant fences in the world. He replaced the metal fence in front of his luxury villa in Turkey with a fence that contains hundreds of live, exotic fish. The fence has become a huge tourist attraction.

The villa itself is already pretty impressive, but the aquarium fence is the real star of the show. It is protected by a surveillance network of 17 cameras with facial recognition, to make sure nobody damages the fragile fish tank. Getting too close sets off an alarm.

6. The tech company office that looks like a spaceship from Star Trek

This Chinese game developer, Liu Dejian, spent around $150 million to construct a building that looks like the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E. This world famous spaceship stars in all three Star Trek movies and can now be found in the city of Changle in China.

The building also features automatic sliding gates, like the ones on board of SciFi starships. Inside the building, you will also find a life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton replica. This millionaire sure likes to spend his money on extravagant things.

Check out the next structure below!

7. A house shaped like a shoe

This extravagant millionaire, Colonel Mahlon M. Haines, was so proud of his career as a shoe store owner that he decided to have a house built that looks like a shoe. This shoe-house is located in York County, Pennsylvania and was designed after an old work boot that the millionaire had shown to the architect.

And it didn’t stop there. There is also a dog house on the property, which is also shaped like a shoe. So yeah, if you have a lot of money and you want to promote your business, you can either rent a billboard… Or build a house.

8. The fairytale castle that didn’t come with a fairytale romance

This eccentric millionaire, Christopher Mark, thought he had it all. He had a fairytale castle built, so he could live there with his fairytale wife and his fairytale child. They would live a fairytale life and do… fairytale stuff.

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. Christopher divorced his wife and booted her and his child off the property, then put the castle up for sale. Money can’t buy everything, as this story will have no doubt shown you.

9. A replica of Stonehenge.

This Irish protester built the replica as part of his biggest protest yet. Joe McNamara is well known around Ireland for driving a cement mixer into the gates of the Irish parliament and staging a protest in Dublin from atop a cherry picker.

But nobody expected him to go as far as to do this. Back in 2011, he built a 15-foot high replica of Stonehenge, which is 30 meters in diameter and almost 100 meters in circumference. The structure with 39 standing stones took a single weekend to build. He didn’t have permission to build this, so the Mayo County Council has been trying to force him to remove the building. It is still standing today.

10. The tallest log cabin in the world

Nikolai Sutyagin is a former Russian gangster who (accidentally) built the tallest log cabin in the world. Back in 1992, he started building a two-story house. It was supposed to be larger than those of his neighbors, so he could show he was the richest man in the city.

It got out of hand pretty quickly. Today, the log cabin has 13 floors and is 144 feet high. It’s an impressive feat that started with the millionaire simply wanting to show off his wealth.