Story Time

Man gets $1 bill from cashier with wife’s signature, realizes where she gets extra income

Man gets a $1 bill from the cashier with his wife’s signature realizes where she gets extra income. He glanced at the $1 bill before he stuffed it into his wallet. But then he caught a glimpse of blue. Impossible. With his hands trembling, he looked, lifted the note to his nose, and inspected it carefully. It couldn’t be, but it was there. Scrawled on the dollar note in blue ink, was a message from his wife from beyond the grave. When Peter Belleo returned to his childhood home in Italy to visit his mother in 1964, he could never have guessed what fate had planned for him. His mother was overjoyed to see her son but soon began pressing him as to why he hadn’t married. She even went as far as to suggest which girl he should marry, even though he hadn’t even met her yet.

Peter, who was 35 at the time, was having none of it and brushed his mother’s meddling off. But luckily for Peter, she persisted. She told him that the girl she knew was perfect for him, and he reluctantly agreed to meet her. The two hit it off instantly, and just over a month later, 23-year-old Grace Caruso was his wife.

My mother asked me, say, why don’t you get married? What are you waiting for? You know, she said, I know a nice girl on the same street. Her name is Grace. Take a look if you like.

Peter and Grace had a fairytale romance, and they moved to Connecticut to start a family that same year. The deep love they had for one another held fast, and Peter felt like he fell in love with Grace more every day. The couple was inseparable. Wherever my wife would go, I go, Peter recalled in an interview.

She has to like to get married in 40 days.

Little did Peter know that her love would manifest itself even when she was gone. Peter and Grace were blessed with two children who in turn had two children of their own. She was a very good wife, very good Cook, very good mother, Peter told ABC News. The pair remained deeply in love as they weathered the years together, enjoying spending time with their grandchildren and each other. But unbeknownst to them, tragedy was about to strike. In 2001, Grace’s health started to deteriorate, so she paid a visit to their doctor and the prognosis wasn’t looking good. Grace was diagnosed with cancer. Peter loyally stayed by her side throughout the surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, always making sure his beloved wife received all the loving care she needed. Then they received some good news. Grace’s cancer had gone into remission, and Peter couldn’t have been more thrilled. I thought it was going to be okay, he tearfully recounted years later. But Unfortunately, Grace’s cancer returned three years after she was given the AllClear again, Peter stayed by her side while she underwent treatment and did everything in his power to make sure she was comfortable. I and my wife were together all the time, he said in an interview with ABC News.

She goes to chemo. I sit down next to her and coming home, she lay down on the couch. She’s very sick after the chemo and I do all the work in the house. Grace fought bravely for years, and then one day, Peter had an idea. Peter, wanting to express his devotion to Grace, decided to do something that would symbolize their marriage. So he and Grace each sign a $1 bill. And he kept these in his wallet, intending for them to be there together forever as a testament to their undying love.

Right? I don’t know. That happened to come to my mind like this. So we both decide. I signed another one and I put it in my wallet. I said this dollar is going to be in my wallet forever.

But this wasn’t a B. Just one year after he and Grace signed the $1 bills as a testament to their love, Peter accidentally spent them. He was devastated. He slowly resigned himself to the fact that he’d never see the dollar bills again. He lost them forever.

I feel so mad. I feel sorry. We’re never going to see those $2 back again.

Belittle did Peter know that sometimes things have a strange way of working out? Five years passed, and the $1 notes were almost forgotten. Peter and Grace celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary together in June 2014. But Grace, as if holding on to see the momentous milestone, sadly passed. Just a few months later, Peter was heartbroken alone. But just five months later, Peter was about to receive a message from fate. Peter was spending some time with his granddaughter Ashley when he impulsively decided to stop at the local subway and treat her to lunch. He asked her to order their sandwiches at the counter and gave her $10 to pay for their meal. But when he received his change in $1 bill, he had no idea that he was about to witness a miracle. Ashley returned to change to her grandfather, but one particular bill caught his eye immediately. Hare scrawled on the bill with a familiar signature, one he knew so well. He raised it to his eyes and could hardly believe it. Grace’s autographed $1 bill had somehow returned to him five years after he thought he lost it forever. It was the unmistakable name Grace B.

But Peter couldn’t believe his luck. The odds of the $1 bill returning to him were staggering. He must have exchanged hands hundreds of times over the last five years, and now it was back where it belonged, in the hands of Peter. When Peter realized what he was looking at, he excitedly showed Ashley.

The first one was my wife’s. Dollar back again.

Five years we started to cry. We were so happy to get the dollar Back. I never thought I’d get that dollar Back. Peter accounts. It’s a miracle to get it back after five years, he said. Who knows how many million people got that dollar in their hands? Ashley was confused at first. I didn’t see it at first because I was just giving him back the Change, Ashley Explained. But when he showed me at first he didn’t believe It. But you still wanted to. But then when we got home, you can look at the signature to see how they matched up. It was a miracle. After Peter’s amazing moment, he couldn’t wait to go to the Cemetery to share the news with his late wife. I told my granddaughter we’re going to go straight to the Cemetery and tell NAN, my wife, that we got the dollar back, he said. I showed the dollar to my wife and Said, Grace, look, I got your dollar Back.

I never thought I was going to get that dollar back Again. The first thing I Said, Grace, she did this to make me happy.

Peter now keeps the dollar bill somewhere safe or he’ll never lose it again. Nobody’s going to get that dollar anymore, he said. No way. Peter is convinced that it was Grace who sent the token of their love back to him from beyond. And he’s now a firm believer in miracles. People all over the world were awestruck by Peter’s story and the local news stations have even featured it. Such a touching story. Peter is hopeful the dollar bill he signed will make it back to him. Keith and Bryan. Quite a love story. It certainly is, Jocelyn, I can’t imagine the odds of ever getting that bill back. I know. Astronomical, right? It’s incredible. What a wonderful story, Jocelyn, thank you. The return of his cherished token of love helped to ease the pain of his wife’s passing. Now he’s convinced that Grace had a way of somehow sending him a message from me on the grave. The odds of Peter ever finding the dollar bill that his wife had signed for a were one in a million, he’d given up hope of ever seeing it again. He believed that the second note, the one he signed, will make its way back to him one day, too.

Then the pair of notes will be United once again. And who knows? The world certainly works in mysterious ways.