Story Time

Man Goes to Work and Forgets Phone at Home, Wife Hears His Voice Mail where Boy Says ‘Hi Dad’

Jack morrell was one of those people who seemed to live with their phones in their hands, always getting calls answering urgent texts and sending emails. It was unthinkable that he would ever leave his phone behind, but that’s exactly what happened. Jack was packing for a four-day last-minute business trip to boston with his wife charlotte’s help and he was putting things in his bag while checking off a mental list. He packed his charger in the bag, but left the phone itself on the bed. Jack and charlotte had been married for eight months and they were still getting used to each other’s little.

Oddities they’d fallen in love at first sight and after a three-week whirlwind, courtship said their eye. Dues charlotte was a little upset that jack had to rush off to the east coast, with no warning, because she’d been planning a very special surprise for him. She’D prepared a delicious dinner for him with all his favorites, and then she was going to tell him. She was pregnant charlotte signed, oh well, she’d tell him in a few days when he came back, she wasn’t sure how he’d react, but she loved children. Their short courtship had left a lot of gray areas to explore, but charlotte had noticed that jack didn’t like talking about children, charlotte hadn’t planned the pregnancy.

It had just happened, but she found herself overjoyed at the idea of a little person that was half her half jack. Their love, made, flesh and bone charlotte went upstairs and started tidying up the bedroom in jack’s dressing room, which looked as if it had been hit by a hurricane. She was hanging up his robe when an unexpected, sound intruded. It was jack’s, ringtone jack, asked charlotte. Then she realized the noise was coming from under the bed, cover whipping it away.

Charlotte found herself looking at jack’s precious phone, the one he never let out of his sight. While she stood there astounded, the girl went to voicemail and a little girl’s. Lisping voice said daddy, it’s mimi, i miss you and i made a cupcake for you at kindergarten. Then a boy’s, older voice, interrupted her. Give me that hi dad sorry it’s shawn.

I just wanted to remind you that i need some new sneakers. There was some mumbling in the background and the boy added and mimi wants a hello kitty. Sweatshirt the two children were talking and laughing. At the same time, then, the call abruptly cut off mimi sean dad charlotte picked up the phone with trembling hands. Did jack, have a second secret family.

Who was these children’s mother? Who was this man she’d married charlotte, placed her hands protectively over her tummy, where her own baby was happily growing? What am i gon na? Do she whispered? She couldn’t even check if there were other calls from the same number, since the phone only unlocked with jack’s fingerprint it could be a wrong number charlotte, told herself, but deep down.

She wasn’t convinced by her own explanation that evening, when jack called from his hotel, she told him his phone was safe and by the time jack came home. Three days later, charlotte was ready to find out the truth. Jack walked in looking tired, charlotte, he cried and he dropped his bags to hug and kiss her, but she stepped back hello, jack. She said in her coolest voice, her husband, looked bewildered by her coldness, honey. What’S wrong, he asked tenderly.

Are you sick? All of charlotte’s good intentions flew out the window and she found herself screaming at jack like a fish, wife, sick. She cried. You bet, i’m sick. When i discovered my husband has two small children.

God knows where and hasn’t found time in eight months of marriage. To tell me so jack was pale. You know about mimi and sean. He asked yes charlotte screen. They left you a phone message jack.

How could you not tell me something so important about yourself? You should have told me, on the first day, jack sat down and sang his head into his hands. Oh charlotte, he whispered. I was so unhappy when i met you and you blew into my life like spring. I just wanted to be a happy hopeful man with you.

Not a bitterly betrayed wreck bitter betrayed charlotte asked. What do you mean? I was married, very young, jack explained and dina and i had sean straight out of high school. I thought we were happy. You know, but a few years later things were so bad.

I asked dana for a divorce. That was when she told me she was pregnant again with mimi. I thought the new baby would give us a new beginning, but a few weeks later i walked in on her with my best friend charlotte was stunned, i’m so sorry she whispered, but it was more in the dreadful story to unfold. She admitted that she didn’t know that the kids were mine, so we had to do a dna test. I felt so humiliated.

Then the results came back. They were both mine and i was over the moon, but dina left me. She went off with tom and abandoned the children. Three months later, they were both killed in a light plane crash over the rockies charlotte, put her arms around the weeping jack and rocked him like a baby. I still cried for her in tom.

After all, they’d done i’d missed them. How could i charlotte whispered because you’re a good man, jack moral? That’S why, when i met you, i wanted to tell you, but then i thought i’ll wait to see if it’s serious, but three weeks later we were married and it never seemed the right time. The kids live with dina’s mother, but i’d love to have them with us. Well, mr moral said: charlotte smiling you’re a lucky man, because i also have a confession: to make you’re going to be a daddy again and that baby will need a big brother and sister.

The next day, jack took charlotte to meet shawn and mimi, and the three of them got on like a house on fire. The kids moved in with him and when jack and charlotte’s baby was born, the family was complete.