Story Time

Man Lies in Bed after Hard Day at Work and Realizes It’s Not His Wife Lying Next to Him

Todd returned home after a tiring day at work and dozed off in his bedroom, with his wife Lisa a little later, his phone rang and he rubbed his eyes in horror after reading a message from his wife. If Lisa was not at home, who was he sleeping with Todd lifted the blanket for answers and froze on the spot? Todd Thomas had just finished Milling the last plank of Timber. He was exhausted as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, oh boy, it’s already late. He mumbled, as he hurried to his pickup van Todd’s.

Only relief was that it was Friday evening he sped home to rest a bit before planning a weekend outing with his wife Lisa. The couple lived in a quiet neighborhood in Wilson, Arkansas at the end of his exhausting day, seeing Lisa at the doorstep was the only thing that put a smile on his tired face, but on this Friday evening he didn’t see her there. Todd thought it was weird and hurried inside to look for her Lisa honey. I’M home Todd shouted in Joy, look what I got for you. Every Friday Todd bought fresh fish and he loved the barbecues they enjoyed in their yard, but since he was too worn out, he put them in the refrigerator and looked around anxiously Lisa honey.

He called out, as he marched into the kitchen Todd looked for Lisa everywhere, but she was nowhere in sight. He hurried to their bedroom and threw the half open door. He finally saw Lisa fast, asleep, gracious you’re here, Todd side. He thought it was odd that his wife was sleeping on the wrong side of the bed she hated when they switched sides. Hmm, what’s wrong with you today.

He mumbled and hurried inside the blanket cloaked Lisa’s face Todd couldn’t see her enough, not even her curly hair. He loved he frowned and went to the restroom to freshen up around 15 minutes later he came out of the bathroom and crept onto the other side of the bed exhausted. The bedroom was grave silent, except for the wall clock that ticked and the phone that rang later Todd was half asleep when he shakily grabbed his phone from the side table to see who had called. But it was a text message from Lisa honey. Are you home?

Yet I will be a bit late, but don’t worry Mary is with me love you Todd, rubbed his sleepy eyes and saw the time it was 7 45 pm and the message had been delivered to him just a couple of minutes ago. Lisa Todd shrieked he turned and jumped out in fear. If Lisa isn’t home, then who’s lying next to me, Todd shivered in fear, as he slowly pulled off the blanket from the person on his bed, he froze and gaped in horror, wake up. Who are you and what are you doing in my house and in my bedroom? He fumed at the old woman fast asleep on his bed.

The woman woke up and looked hot in the eye and her eyes gushed with tears. I am so sorry I didn’t know when I fell asleep. She cried Todd, helped the woman downstairs and gave her a glass of cold water. Now tell me: how did you get in here? He asked her.

Don’T you know, trespassing is a crime. You could be jailed for it, the woman looked sorry and in pain. Her eyes were wary and her skin a bit tanned. Anyone could tell she had wandered the whole day in the scorching Sun by just looking at her. I’M Alice and I was with my son-in-law Steven.

She said he told me he was getting gas and dropped me this morning on the highway, but he never returned and it got darker Todd was baffled. He asked Alice if she had a phone, but she didn’t. She was in her 70s and could barely remember anyone’s contact number we’ll figure out what’s next, but you still did not tell me how you got in here. Todd said, as it turned out, Lisa had forgotten to lock the door before leaving the house that day Alice was wandering near Todd’s yard when she felt thirsty. Nobody answered the doorbell in my knocks.

The door was open, so I came in to ask for help Alice shyly recounted. I looked around for help and unbeknown to me, I dozed off in the bedroom. Upstairs I was exhausted and hungry Todd felt sorry for Alice. He served her some noodles and immediately called his son Leo to come over Leo was a budding lawyer drowned in debt from the student loan he took from the bank. However, Todd was always proud of him and he knew Leo would do something about Alice.

So your son-in-law left you on the highway Leo asked Alice. What does he do for a living? Alice’S son-in-law? Stephen was a realtor after his wife’s death years ago he lived with Alice so that she could help him raise his daughter, who was now 18

That house is the only priced treasure I have after my husband’s death Ali sobbed. There were times when Stephen wanted to put me in assisted living and remodel that house into a hotel.

By now Todd and Leo understood where Steven was heading, they drove Alistair her house based on the direction she gave them. They saw Stephen tour around the house with a few men when they arrived this. I want this Fountain removed and will have a huge aquarium. Instead Steven was saying when Leo interrupted him with some documents. No, you won’t.

This house belongs to Mrs Alice Cooper and she gets to decide where the fountain goes. Mr Steven, he shattered from the hallway Stephen, was shocked to see his mother-in-law back home. He trembled, who are you and what rights do you have in my house? He fumed at Leo Leo showed him the documents and told him that he was now Alice’s legal advisor for her property Steven, peeled out in shock I’ll, be sending you a legal notice for trespassing, her property Leo said. After a brief legal scuffle Alice got back her property.

She barged Stephen from entering the premises again and decided to reward the two men who recovered her home. Oh Mrs Cooper, I’m sorry, but I can’t accept that Leo said denying Alice’s offer to keep her house as a gift. This is your house, and you have to enjoy your days peacefully here, but Alice was insistent. Nothing would convince her to change her mind shortly after she made Leo the legal heir to her house. It was an unexpected gift and, although Leo could quickly sell it and repay his debts, he decided to keep the house Alice was impressed, so she gave him a few heirloom jewelry pieces to pawn and repay his debts.

This time it was an offer Leo couldn’t resist. I will retrieve them very soon. He promised Todd and Leo helped Alice, hire housekeepers to take care of the property and offered her to move in with them. Although she was reluctant At first, she agreed. You know you would make a great grandma.

For my kid Leo told Alice as he patted her on their way home, oh dad, by the way Amy’s pregnant, he added and the three laughed their hearts out from that day onward they took Alice under their wing. She stayed three days at Todd’s house and spent the rest of the week with Leo and his pregnant wife Amy.