Meg Seething As Charles’ D@ughter Inherited Spencer Family Jewelry Collection While Lil!bet’s Ignore

 Princess Charlotte is the only one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children who is likely to inherit any of Princess Diana’s jewelry. The Spencer Tiara, which was worn by Diana on her wedding day, is a family heirloom that will eventually be passed down to Charlotte. Other pieces of jewelry that Diana owned may also be passed down to her, but this is ultimately up to the Spencer family.

There are a few reasons why Charlotte is the only one of Harry and Meghan’s children who is likely to inherit Diana’s jewelry. First, the Spencer family is a matrilineal family, which means that property and titles are passed down through the female line. This means that Charlotte, as Diana’s granddaughter, is the rightful heir to the Spencer family jewelry.

Second, Harry and Meghan have stepped back from their royal duties and moved to the United States. This means that they are no longer living in the UK, and they may not have the same connection to the Spencer family as Charlotte does.

Finally, it is possible that Harry and Meghan have chosen not to pass down Diana’s jewelry to their children. This could be because they want to keep the jewelry in the Spencer family, or because they feel that their children are too young to appreciate the jewelry.

It is important to note that these are just speculations. The Spencer family has not yet announced who will inherit Diana’s jewelry. It is possible that other pieces of jewelry will be passed down to Harry and Meghan’s children, or that the jewelry will be sold. Only time will tell what will happen to Diana’s jewelry.

As for why Meghan Markle may be “seething” about this, it is possible that she feels that her children are being treated unfairly. It is also possible that she is simply disappointed that her children will not have the same connection to Diana as Charlotte does.

Ultimately, only Meghan Markle knows how she feels about this situation. However, it is clear that the decision to pass down Diana’s jewelry to Charlotte has caused some controversy.