Megan Fox Faces Accusations of Imposing Girls Clothes on Her Children

Republican figure Robby Starbucks has stirred controversy by accusing the actress of child abuse concerning her children. In response, the celebrity has delivered a strong counterargument.

On June 8, a prominent American politician took to his personal Twitter account to direct allegations at Megan Fox and her three children—Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 6, from her previous marriage to Brian Austin Green. The politician levied grave accusations against the actress, prompting her to compose a detailed response on her Instagram profile.

Robby Starbuck, a member of the Republican Party, alleged that the ‘Jennifer’s Body’ actress compelled her children to wear “girls’ clothes.” Accompanying a photo of the celebrity and her youngsters, he posted: “These are Megan Fox’s children. We used to live in the same gated community, and our children played in the park. I saw two of them have a complete breakdown, claiming their mother forced them to wear girls’ clothes while their babysitter attempted to console them,” eventually branding it as “child abuse.”

After several days, Fox decided to address the situation on her social media platforms. Despite acknowledging that she didn’t wish to give attention to an “influence hunter” like Starbucks, she felt compelled to shed light on certain matters. The actress took direct aim at Starbucks and emphasized her commitment to never again utilizing her children as “leverage or social currency” for the pursuit of power, fame, wealth, or success, especially under unfounded or malicious pretenses.

Furthermore, she remarked, “Exploiting my son’s gender identity for attention in your political campaign has positioned you on the wrong side of the universe.” She admitted that, in her life, she had been judged, criticized, and figuratively “burned at the stake” by men like him, accused of narcissism, insecurity, or impotence, yet she had persevered. In closing, she penned, “You picked the wrong witch to mess with.”

With a touch of humor and irony, Megan Fox then shared a New York Post headline, reading: “Nurse shocked: I captured ‘witches holding corpse-eating ritual’ on my security camera.” Beneath the headline, the actress wrote: “Me outside Rob Starbucks’ house.” On his part, the Republican politician persisted in targeting the actress with further Twitter messages.