Megan Fox talked about how difficult it has been to love her body

Megan Fox broke her silence and revealed what she really feels about her image and her internal struggle.

The actress addressed the contrast between her perception of herself and how the world sees her, sharing details about the inner self she had kept hidden during her Hollywood career, as well as her ongoing battle with mental health. her.

In a moment of vulnerability, Fox shared, “I never perceive myself in the same way others do. There has never been a point in my life where I truly embraced my body, not once.” She further disclosed, “I am recognized for my uniqueness, yet I’ve concealed much of my true self due to the absence of a safe space for me to freely express who I am.”

With courageous candor, Fox acknowledged grappling with body dysmorphia, a condition characterized by an obsessive focus on perceived flaws in physical appearance. “Frequently, we observe individuals and assume, ‘They’re so stunning; their life must be effortless.’ However, likely, they don’t view themselves that way,” she admitted. “Yes, I struggle with body dysmorphia. I carry profound insecurities with me.”

While she didn’t delve into the specific impact of body dysmorphia on her, the actress has openly discussed her mental challenges. During an interview, she disclosed reaching a “breaking point” after enduring years of objectification by Hollywood and the media. Megan confessed to experiencing a psychological breakdown. “I didn’t want to be seen. I shied away from having my pictures taken, appearing in magazines, or walking a red carpet. The fear of ridicule, insults, or public scrutiny terrified me. I went through an extremely dark phase afterward,” she revealed.

One of her “psychological crises” was after the release of the film Diabolical Temptation, due to the overt se—lization of her public image. “It wasn’t just that movie, it was every day of my life, all the time, with every project I worked on and every producer I worked with,” Fox exclaimed.

Megan explained that this awareness and obsession with her body arose from her childhood, despite growing up in a religious environment where bodies were barely recognized. She stated that her journey toward self-love will be endless, but her determination to accept herself is unwavering. She also shared a unique aspect of her personality. She wants people to notice her “aura,” as she considers herself to have a rainbow aura, something truly special and unique to her.

She also revealed that she undertook a deep “spiritual quest” to overcome those feelings and take control of how she responded to others’ perceptions of her. She claimed to have worked hard to stop being a victim and realize that that experience was a lesson in her life. “I discovered a purpose and I no longer had to suffer. That made me grow and become a much more interesting person than I would have been without it,” she explained. “Now, I can feel gratitude for something that used to haunt me. That’s what I’ve worked on the most in my life and I feel liberated.”

Megan Fox’s bravery in speaking openly about her body dysmorphia is admirable and helps raise awareness about this underrated disorder. Often, sufferers have a poor understanding of the inaccuracy of negative perceptions of it, making it difficult to recognize and properly treat it.