Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Accused of Bullying Host Hadnet on Stage Amid Allegations of Misusing Veterans’ Travel Expenses

During the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry seemed to intentionally disregard TV host Hadnet Tesfai, while Meghan was accused of bullying her. Hadnet Tesfai, born in Eritrea and raised in Germany, boasts nearly two decades of experience as a TV and radio presenter.

Harry’s apparent disrespect towards her was quite disheartening, especially when we recall Meghan’s previous campaign to host the life story segment of the closing ceremony through a flurry of PR efforts. However, Invictus quickly announced that the experienced German TV host, Hadnet Tesfai, would be the moderator for that segment.

Here’s what unfolded: Hadnet interviewed two family members on stage, with the second being Anna Zofia, the daughter of Ukrainian competitor Tera PESA. Hadnet handled the interview sensitively, eliciting a big round of applause at the end. As she was about to thank Anna Zofia, Harry unexpectedly rushed onto the stage and embraced her in a full-body hug, leaving Hadnet looking startled.

She managed to regain her composure and mentioned, “Look, oh my God, I was just about to introduce you, but now that you’re here…” Yet another surprised expression was exchanged, and Harry, visibly smirking, thanked Anna without even mentioning Hadnet by name.

According to the script, Hadnet was supposed to say a few sentences formally introducing Harry, a moment that Meghan likely insisted she would handle. However, Harry’s sudden appearance on stage ensured that Hadnet didn’t get that opportunity. It appears that Harry was taking out his frustration on this host, likely because he was upset that she had replaced Meghan as the introducer.

His actions were quite rude, and it’s evident that Meghan had a significant role in instigating his reaction. Meghan was probably unhappy that Hadnet looked impressive in her role, and Harry might have issued an ultimatum, insisting that only his wife could introduce him, as part of their ongoing efforts to stay in the spotlight.

In a surprising twist, a source revealed another reason for Harry and Meghan’s bossy attitude towards Hadnet Tesfai: the host is privy to their secrets. According to the source, several veterans’ families have commented on the unfairness of the charity covering all of Meghan and Harry’s expenses while the veterans and their families are left to foot their own bills for travel and accommodation to the games. Many believe that it should be the veterans and their families who receive financial support, not the other way around. Additionally, some find it distasteful that Meghan promotes merchandise, profiting from the plight of wounded soldiers.
A royal expert, Kiny Scoffield, suggests that Harry and Meghan have been using the Invictus Games as an opportunity to improve their tarnished public image. The event has provided them with a rare chance to bask in positive press coverage. Over time, they’ve made several questionable business decisions and participated in numerous PR opportunities that left many unimpressed.

In an attempt to regain public favor, they’ve chosen to make a big show of themselves at the Invictus Games, all while facing challenges in competing with the authenticity and sincerity of other members of the royal family, like the Prince and Princess of Wales.