Meghan Markle Devastated as Backgrid’s Attempt to Mimic Kate’s In-Car Photo Falls Flat: Fake Can Do Nothing!

Fate appeared to have little influence as Meghan Markle attempted to emulate Kate’s in-car photo but fell short. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, maintained her silence and did not appear to share any messages or public condolences on the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth the Second’s passing.
Meghan remained in California with her children, Prince Archie and Princess Lila, while Harry returned to Britain for the WellChild Awards on Thursday. On this significant day, Prince Harry was photographed driving for the first time in three years, and the media picked up the images.

This raised eyebrows as Meghan’s actions seemingly showed a disregard for the memory of the late Queen and drew criticism for being repugnant and reprehensible. In the pictures, Meghan was seen behind the wheel of a black Range Rover, sitting solo in her seat, appearing somewhat diminutive or like a small elderly lady behind the wheel, peering over the steering wheel.

Some observers speculated that Meghan might have been attempting to mimic Kate Middleton, who was recently photographed driving her car around Windsor for the first time since the Queen’s passing. Kate remained in Windsor and was last seen picking up her children, Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7), and youngest Louis (4), from their new school when concerns were raised about the Queen’s health. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, appeared solemn yet elegantly understated in her actions.

Catherine’s approach was seen as organic and nonchalant, whereas Meghan’s attempts seemed contrived, with suggestions that she even had to arrange for Backgrid to take photos of her as she struggled to garner attention. With each passing day and year, Meghan’s relevance is speculated to diminish, with the belief that even tabloids and paparazzi might lose interest in her over time. Some consider her recent actions to be a calculated move to signal her power and assert herself as a disrupter within the British royal family, possibly with an eye on maximizing her financial leverage for an inevitable divorce.

Returning to the current news, Prince Harry, King Charles, and senior members of the royal family paid heartfelt tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry, speaking at a charity event in London, noted that he was unable to attend the awards last year due to his grandmother’s passing, and he acknowledged her insistence that he continue with his commitments.

Kate Middleton and Prince William also issued a joint statement to commemorate the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death, expressing their remembrance of her extraordinary life and legacy.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 41, continue to strike a balance between their royal duties and raising their children as privately as possible. A source close to the family revealed that they consider maintaining this balance a key aspect of their daily lives and a way to honor the Queen, whom Prince William was incredibly close to and who played a significant role in supporting his work. The source also suggests that both Prince and Princess miss her deeply.