Meghan Markle Furious as Friend Mulroney Releases Secret Clip Alleging Bullying of Charlotte Backstage at Wedding

Meghan Markle has been left incensed as her friend, Jessica Mulroney, dropped a secret clip implicating Meghan in the alleged bullying of Charlotte backstage at a wedding. This revelation has sparked a wave of controversy and speculation surrounding their strained friendship.

Jessica, who was once part of Meghan Markle’s inner circle, recently stirred curiosity online with a cryptic message posted on her social media account. Reports are now circulating that Mulroney may be contemplating writing a tell-all memoir.

The rumors gained momentum after Jessica posted a message on her Instagram story, reading, “As adorable as I am, my detachment game is also strong.” The following day, a cryptic entry appeared on the gossip site “Crazy Days and Nights,” hinting at the possibility of Jessica’s literary debut.

The entry suggests that the former best friend of a famous individual, presumably Meghan Markle, is working on a book that promises to be intriguing.

Notably, Jessica recently reached out to the YouTube channel “Popcorn Planet” to deny allegations of bullying Princess Charlotte. However, some observers believe that while Jessica and her daughter may not have bullied Charlotte, Meghan Markle may have engaged in such behavior. Suspicion arises from various wedding incidents, including Meghan staring at Charlotte during the ceremony and other curious events.

These events include Ivy, who was not holding the bouquet while Meghan was. Ivy took one of her sisters for a photo shoot, and Charlotte appeared visibly stressed. In a recent Reddit post, one user shared insider information from a San Francisco hotel employee who had encountered Jessica.

According to this account, Jessica displayed a demanding attitude, giving orders to her assistant and family members, ignoring hotel staff while chatting at the hotel bar, and advocating for one of her employees. When asked about Harry and Meghan’s well-being, Jessica allegedly replied that Meghan was doing great and that they had many similarities as strong survivors.

She also insinuated that Meghan had learned from her example and had become more discerning. When questioned about Harry, Jessica deflected, hinting that discussing him in that context was unsafe.

There is speculation that Jessica intentionally made these comments, knowing that hotel staff would overhear them. This has fueled rumors that if she is indeed writing a book, it could center around her friendship with Meghan during her life journey.

Interestingly, Mulroney’s previous public controversies seemingly provided Meghan with the justification she needed to distance herself from Jessica. A source revealed that Meghan and Jessica had been keeping their distance. Despite Jessica’s appearance in the Netflix series “Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal,” where she played a significant role, she was conspicuously absent from the recent interview, raising questions about their relationship’s status.

In response to these developments, Meghan Markle posted another cryptic quote on social media: “The best thing I ever did was learn how to move without crowds.” This ongoing saga continues to captivate public attention, leaving many curious about the future of Meghan and Jessica’s friendship and the potential implications of Mulroney’s secret clip.