Meghan Markle Furious as WME CEO Ari Cancels Contract by September, Calling Her ‘Talentless

WME has made the decision to cancel Megan’s contract, and it seems her agency might also be dropping her due to a lack of funding. Speculations suggest that WME is no longer involved, and there have been rumors about feuds with certain individuals and political aspirations, but these stories seem to be losing credibility.

Recently, there have been initiatives against cyberbullying targeting youngsters, but there is no apparent connection to the Harkles, who appear to be just work colleagues. Some media outlets have shown a continued obsession with Catherine, the Princess of Wales, and there are claims that Megan wants to hurt Catherine for some reason.

WME has advised Megan to stop this behavior, but she seems more focused on attacking Catherine than pursuing deals or representing herself. Megan’s life seems somewhat uneventful, and she plans to disrupt the Invictus Games in September, potentially making a surprise appearance at the polo in Singapore.

People are curious whether WME will still have any involvement on August 4th, which is Megan’s birthday when she’ll be somewhere between 42 and 46 years old, depending on different sources. On that day, she has promised a significant announcement.

There are suggestions that WME may no longer be handling her affairs. According to Benjamin Smallbrook on Cora, the Chief Aria Manuel of WME has lost patience with her due to a series of conflicts and disagreements.

Megan apparently leaked news to the media without WME’s knowledge, and she believed she knew better than the company. There are rumors that she threw a fit and expressed her dissatisfaction with WME, which might have strained their relationship.

One executive at WME allegedly remarked that it would be difficult to work with her because of her desire to be confrontational and provoke conflict, which raises questions about her suitability as a business partner. Megan has been trying hard to prove herself as a star deserving of respect and admiration, but it’s uncertain whether WME will continue working with her.