Meghan Markle Roars as King William Crushes Sussexes’ Royal Backing Demand

A royal analyst is cautioning that there might be no way to resolve the ongoing royal rift between the two brothers as Prince William seems to have chosen not to publicly wish his younger brother a happy birthday. This surprising turn of events suggests that the rift between William and Harry has reached a point of no return, with the future king showing no intention of reconciling with his sibling.

This revelation comes on the heels of Prince Harry’s 39th birthday celebrations, where Prince William conspicuously refrained from sending any public birthday wishes. Renowned royal expert and journalist Jenny Bond, in an exclusive interview with Fabulous magazine, has added fuel to the speculation surrounding the deep-seated tensions between the two brothers.

She remarked, “There is no going back for these brothers. I just can’t see it because of their firmly entrenched positions. Given the fact that Harry visited the UK without any face-to-face meetings or even text exchanges, I really can’t foresee them mending the rift anytime soon. William was so deeply hurt that I think he probably pushed Harry out of his mind for most of the time, going on with his life, and I suppose Harry did the same.”

This public display of hostility coincided with Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s birthday celebration in Dusseldorf, Germany, where the Invictus Games were being held at the time. During the event, Prince Harry received a birthday wish from someone in the crowd during a birthday game performance that concluded on Saturday night. Prince Harry, in turn, delivered an inspirational speech, urging the audience not to judge their past pain.

He also made a subtle jab at the royal family, saying, “The statements of veterans should not be taken lightly. I feel out of place if I don’t wear a uniform.” These comments hold significance, as Prince Harry lost his military status after stepping back from the Royal Family.

Interestingly, the official Royal social media accounts remained silent on Prince Harry’s birthday, choosing instead to focus on King Charles, Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Duchess Sophie of Edinburgh. This silence underscores the ongoing divide between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family. Buckingham Palace has previously clarified that public birthday wishes are reserved for working Royals, further emphasizing Prince Harry’s separation from the royal family.

As Meghan and Harry prepare to return to the U.S, where they have resided since 2020, the prospect of a royal reconciliation seems increasingly remote. The once-close relationship between the two brothers now appears to be shattered, casting a shadow over the future of the British monarchy.