Meghan Markle Struggles to Handle ‘Uproar’ in the UK

Experts believe that Meghan Markle is apprehensive about returning to the UK due to the potentially hostile reception she might encounter. Royal commentator and expert Kinsey Schofield offered her insights on this matter during an interview with TalkTV.

Schofield began by addressing the topic candidly, stating, “I firmly believe that Meghan is likely to avoid the UK as a means of self-preservation.” She emphasized that Meghan wishes to steer clear of negative reactions and criticism, saying, “It’s evident that she wants to avoid facing a negative response and only desires to be in places where she feels appreciated and respected.”

These observations align with remarks made by Andrew Morton, who discussed the reasons behind Meghan Markle’s reluctance to return to the UK.

In an interview with Travor Phillips on Sky News’ Sunday Morning, Morton dismissed the possibility of Meghan curtseying to members of the royal family, emphasizing that Meghan and Prince Harry have established their lives in California and are unlikely to return to the UK anytime soon.