Meghan Markle’s California Lifestyle Finances Spark Massive Frenzy

Experts have recently turned their attention to Meghan Markle’s financial situation, prompted by the buzz surrounding the sales of her NuCalm stress patch. This scrutiny of Meghan’s finances comes in the wake of paparazzi images featuring the NuCalm disc.

The observations and discussions about Meghan’s financial status are explored in an article penned by authors Bethan Holt and David Cox, published in The Telegraph. They note that this discussion coincides with growing speculation about how the Sussexes plan to finance their Californian lifestyle.

One potential avenue for generating income for the couple is through paid ambassadorships. This could prove to be a lucrative option for Meghan and Harry.

Additionally, if Meghan were to revive her lifestyle blog, The Tig, she could potentially earn substantial sums through partnerships and sales. However, it is suggested that she should consider collaborating with companies that offer more scientific evidence to support their products, given the skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of the NuCalm disc.

Neurologist Guy Leschziner raises doubts about the efficacy of such products, stating that it appears they haven’t provided sufficient proof of their claims. He emphasizes the importance of the burden of proof resting on the manufacturers of these products.