Meghan Markle’s Future at Stake: Can She Successfully Run the World and Sell Matcha Kits?

Meghan Markle’s future has become a subject of scrutiny among experts as questions arise about the sustainability of her brand. Royal commentator Daniela Elser has raised several pertinent questions concerning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a piece for News.com.au.

Elser’s article delves into the uncertainties surrounding Meghan Markle’s choices, pondering, “Where will we find ourselves a year from now?” She contemplates whether Meghan will ascend to become a prominent figure in Washington D.C., potentially even acquiring the title of the “princess of the Potomac.” Alternatively, she wonders if Meghan might venture into the competitive realm of celebrity candle businesses, perhaps vying with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Another question looming large is whether Meghan will evolve into a formidable political force or opt for a different path focused on amassing wealth through the sale of matcha kits.

In the midst of her analysis, Elser also raises concerns about Prince Harry’s role in this unfolding narrative. She inquires whether, within the next 12 months, he will successfully launch his next Netflix documentary or perhaps pen a book that does not center on the shortcomings of his own family.

Quoting a major Democratic donor who is closely associated with Governor Newsom and has commented on Meghan’s potential involvement in politics, Elser concludes, “Crazier things have happened.” The uncertainties surrounding Meghan and Harry’s future endeavors certainly leave room for intriguing possibilities.