Meghan Markle’s Outburst as Ig Waiter Insults Her in Front of Prince Harry and Veterans Crowd

Amidst the buzz of the Invictus Games, Meghan Markle found herself in an unexpected and somewhat awkward situation at a restaurant in Dusseldorf. It was here that a waiter seemingly overlooked her presence, an incident that didn’t escape the notice of onlookers. The Duchess of Sussex was in Dusseldorf celebrating her 39th birthday with her husband, Prince Harry, marking the occasion with her third and fifth outfit changes of the day.

Meghan chose to wear a £268 red and white pinstripe shirt from a California-inspired brand, pairing it with the same white skinny jeans she had donned earlier while attending a sitting volleyball match between Nigeria and Ukraine. Completing her casual ensemble were beige suede flats adorned with a delicate bow by mandolablonic.

During their dining experience, intriguing observations were made regarding the restaurant staff’s interaction with the royal couple. Frank, a 27-year-old waiter, initially had limited knowledge about the royal family. While he recognized the tall man with red hair as Prince Harry, he surprisingly failed to identify Meghan Markle, assuming she was the group’s assistant.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was relaxed, and they enjoyed Schumacher beer, coincidentally the same beer served at the Invictus Games. Restaurant owner Thea expressed excitement about their visit, sharing her disbelief at having Prince Harry in her establishment. She recounted Prince Harry’s warm and friendly demeanor, including a hug, and mentioned that Meghan’s simple attire made it challenging for some to recognize her.

As the evening concluded, Prince Harry was presented with a birthday cake by the restaurant staff. The restaurant, nestled in Dusseldorf’s old town, provided a delightful backdrop for their meal. The couple occupied two tables and indulged in a variety of dishes, including wiener schnitzel, pork knuckles, sausages, and plates of baked and mashed potatoes.

Notably, Meghan appeared to focus on her salad, leaving some of the protein-rich items untouched. In the end, Prince Harry settled the bill and left a significant tip for the staff in Germany, showcasing his generosity.

The discussion then shifted to Meghan’s intentions and the couple’s brand battles with King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. According to royal author Tom Bowers, Meghan never harbored plans of embracing royal life in England; she always had her sights set on returning to California. Bowers emphasized the couple’s success, driven by their personal brand, media deals, and books, but also cautioned that such success could be fleeting, especially in the ever-evolving American landscape.