Meghan Markle’s Reasons for ‘Dropping Friends Like Flies’ Unveiled

Recent revelations shed light on the motivations behind Meghan Markle’s reported inclination to distance herself from certain friends. Relationship expert Kate Mansfield has offered insights into this matter during an interview with The Mirror.

Kate Mansfield suggests that the primary factor behind Meghan Markle’s fading friendships is rooted in personal growth. According to Mansfield, “People who prioritize personal development often outgrow their friendships and connections as time passes.”

This transformation typically occurs when individuals change to the extent that they no longer share significant commonalities with their old friends.

Mansfield elaborates that this shift can be attributed to various factors such as differences in values, lifestyle choices, and interests.

These factors appear to have played a significant role in Meghan’s evolution, particularly as she embarked on her journey into royal life.