Meghan Markle’s Roar as Archie’s Biological Mother Exposes Controversial Custody Scheme: JAIL HER NOW!

Meghan’s frustration became evident when Archie’s biological mother revealed allegations about Meghan’s actions to claim her son, sparking a call for legal action. I stumbled upon some intriguing information during my Twitter browsing this morning.

There’s an account claiming to be the biological mother of a royal child, and she seems to harbor strong resentment towards the supposed impostor mother, Meghan. She’s fervently pushing for Meghan to be incarcerated as punishment for her alleged crimes.

As a reporter, I must clarify that the child in question is Archie, and there are assertions that he was born through surrogacy. Interestingly, Meghan herself has previously mentioned her fondness for Archie Comics from her childhood, confessing her love for redheads. She even shared this in a podcast, where she emphasized her admiration for the characters portrayed in magazines. She explained that her son wasn’t named after comic book characters, but she had a genuine affinity for Archie Comics and continued to read them to her child.

However, these claims took a different turn when a new photo surfaced, depicting Meghan seemingly coercing her borrowed son Archie to feign reading a book. Some skeptics believe the photo may have been manipulated, pointing out inconsistencies such as a missing foot and Meghan’s partially obscured face. But the primary concern centers around Meghan’s parenting style and how she seems to control the child. During a 4th of July celebration, Archie appeared unable to stand without being held back, raising questions about his demeanor and why he rarely smiles in photos.

Another photo, taken a few months ago, showed Archie in front of a computer with Meghan and his mother. He appeared on the verge of tears, suggesting discomfort. Some speculate that Archie was maneuvered into these positions for photoshoots, emphasizing his lack of genuine interest in the activities.

Questions about Archie’s birth have also arisen. Some doubt that Meghan is his biological mother, pointing to evidence such as the erratic size changes in her baby bump and her ability to run up stairs in high heels while supposedly seven months pregnant. Additionally, Archie’s comment about babies changing so much in two weeks has raised suspicions, as it contradicts the established due date.

The absence of regulations regarding birth certificates and the potential use of a surrogate further add complexity to this situation. Birth certificates typically carry the surrogate’s name rather than Meghan’s. All of this leaves us with the perplexing question of whether Meghan is indeed Archie’s biological mother, a claim made by those who signed Archie’s birth certificate. Which scenario do you find more plausible?