Meghan Markle’s Staggering Salary for Suits Reboot Unveiled

Reports are swirling about Meghan Markle’s possible return to the iconic legal drama series, Suits, and with it, discussions on her prospective salary have ignited. Dr. Heidi Astion, an expert in the field, has shed light on the substantial figure that the former actress could command if she were to reprise her role as Rachel Zane.

Despite assertions from Meghan’s agency that she wouldn’t be revisiting her acting career, Dr. Astion emphasized that her transition from an actor to a prominent celebrity would inevitably impact negotiations surrounding her remuneration.

“If she were to decide on a comeback, we must bear in mind that she is no longer perceived as just an actor; she is now a reality TV celebrity, which positions her differently,” Dr. Astion explained to the Daily Star.

She delved into the considerations that production companies and investors would weigh in this decision-making process, posing pertinent questions. “Are the recent surges in viewership due to amateur sleuthing and voyeurism?” she pondered.

Furthermore, she stressed that investors would closely monitor the impact of Meghan’s presence on screen, which could significantly influence the success of the rumored reboot. “Investors will need to determine whether the high viewership is attributed to Meghan’s status and her newfound celebrity as Harry’s spouse or if audiences, perhaps after reading ‘Spare,’ are intrigued by a former royal involved in intimate activities and undressed scenes.”

Dr. Astion also touched upon the authenticity of Meghan’s on-screen performances compared to her behavior in high-profile interviews, like the Oprah interview. “Was she being genuine, or was it simply acting? If viewers are motivated by this curiosity, they may not be interested in her acting on screen now. By revealing aspects of their daily lives, actors often enhance their ability to immerse viewers in their roles. Meghan has crossed that line,” she asserted.

Regarding potential earnings, Dr. Astion speculated that Meghan could potentially command an impressive $1 million per episode. However, she noted that if voyeurism indeed played a role in the show’s appeal, Meghan might be reluctant to expose herself to such extents in future productions, which could be a factor in negotiations.

“As reported, ‘A’ list actors can earn up to $1 million per episode, while lead or prominent role actors, such as Meghan’s role in Suits, typically earn around $45,000 per episode. Official SAG-AFTRA rates fluctuate based on the number of episodes, ranging from $3,756 to $5,000 per week, with varying amounts for one-off appearances.