Meghan Markle’s Struggle with a ‘Beleaguered’ Brand

Meghan Markle’s recent fashion choices have come under scrutiny, particularly in the wake of the Invictus Games. This insightful analysis comes courtesy of Daniela Elser, a respected royal commentator and expert, who shared her perspective in a recent article for News.com.au.
In her piece, Elser delved into Meghan Markle’s evolving fashion preferences and pondered whether this shift towards a more down-to-earth style is part of a strategic move to appeal to a broader mass market audience. She mused, “So, is this new down-home duchess look part of a move to broaden her mass market appeal?”

According to Elser, there’s no harm in Meghan considering entry into the entrepreneurial arena. She acknowledged that the Duchess has made significant changes since last year’s Invictus Games, particularly in her association with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel of WME, which demonstrates a significant shift in her career direction.

Elser also provided reassurance to those who admire Meghan’s fashion sense. She stated, “But before anyone starts lamenting the potential loss of Meghan’s generally fabulous style and high-end fashion choices, or worries about her no longer donning Dior, there’s no need for concern.”

Nonetheless, Elser pointed out that something seems to be changing in the world of the Sussexes, with a noticeable shift in their approach, signaling a newfound awareness of the necessity to revamp their beleaguered brand. With this intriguing insight, she concluded her thoughtful analysis of Meghan Markle’s fashion journey.