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Men Kept Ditching Her When They Found Out Her Job

After an attractive young woman quit her job as a flight attendant and became a “big earner” elsewhere, she was shocked when men kept dumping her. It seemed that her new career was too much for some guys to handle. Were they wrong to react the way they did? You decide.

Amanda Sommer, a 27-year-old Hartlepool, England woman, worked for RyanAir before deciding to ditch her job as a flight attendant to return home to her boyfriend. When the money she had saved began to run out, Amanda settled on a new endeavor and quickly began raking in the dough. Unfortunately for Amanda, her new career choice eventually left her single and struggling to find a new boyfriend.

“It all started when I left my last job and came back home to be with my boyfriend. I had some money saved up to last until I found another job, but it didn’t last long,” Amanda recalled. “I heard about OnlyFans and I liked the idea of it because you can work on there discreetly on your phone and my boyfriend wouldn’t find out,” she told The Sun.

Selling her sexy snaps became quite a lucrative affair, and soon, the OnlyFans model was raking in £15k a month, which is nearly $18,000 USD. Eventually, her secret got out, and she quickly learned that not everyone was a fan nor did they approve.

When Amanda’s boyfriend caught on, things took a downward turn for the model. Unhappy about his girlfriend’s new career, he told Amanda it was the equivalent of “cheating.” Even so, Amanda didn’t want to give up her OnlyFans gig.

“I didn’t want to stop doing it because I was doing so well and didn’t have to find a day job, but because I always have to be on my phone to make good money on there he got suspicious and caught me on the website on my phone. He said to me it’s basically cheating which I don’t believe it is,” Amanda recalled. “It’s just work to me and I don’t even know what any of the fans look like so I don’t see it as cheating at all.”

Unfortunately for her, Amanda’s boyfriend strongly disagreed with her point of view and gave her a choice. It was him or OnlyFans. She chose her new job.

“He gave me an ultimatum and said to me either you stop doing OnlyFans or I’m leaving,” Amanda explained. “I said the fact that I have an income comes first so I have to choose OnlyFans.”

After her relationship with her boyfriend ended, Amanda learned that many other guys felt the same as her previous beau when it came to her career, leading them to also dump her when they found out how she made her money. In fact, while speaking with the British newspaper, Amanda revealed that the last three men she dated all ditched her after finding out she was on OnlyFans.

“It keeps happening — guys I get with just keep finding out and also get upset that I lied to them about what I do, but if I was upfront with them they would want nothing to do with me,” the OnlyFans model explained.

Although Amanda said she can’t understand why she keeps getting dumped when guys find out that she sells photos online, she also explained that the job is “controversial” and men get “jealous,” which is why she thinks she can’t keep a boyfriend. However, she feels men should be more open-minded about it.

“[I]t’s controversial, and if I tell them upfront, they sometimes get jealous, I think, because I earn more money than them and they don’t like [it]. I think that is a big reason as well, rather than them getting jealous of me talking to other guys,” Amanda alleged. “I’m very frustrated because I just can’t seem to hold down a boyfriend at all because of this. I just think guys should be more open-minded. It’s not fair,” she added. “I feel fed up at the moment and I have been single for a long time and no one seems to like it and give it a chance,” Amanda complained.

Ideally, Amanda is looking for someone who she can settle down with but still enjoy a night out, and her dream guy would be a billionaire like Elon Musk or Bill Gates. Ironically, she also said that she hopes to meet someone “the old-fashioned way” and that finding love on OnlyFans would be a “no” for her. However, meeting someone is difficult when “this job” leaves her “closed off to society,” the model said.

“Oh no definitely not, I don’t see it like that. I only see it as a way to make money,” Amanda explained when asked if she would consider dating someone from OnlyFans. “I want to meet someone the old-fashioned way and meet them in real life,” she furthered.

“This job has made me be very closed off to society because if you do this job then you work from home every day and you don’t meet colleagues,” Amanda added. “So, since I have done this I have suffered from loneliness and things. I have worked hard for one year but I haven’t had a chance to actually enjoy the money a bit, apart from my dog that I bought so I really would like someone who is adventurous and where I won’t be stuck inside. Someone who likes to go on holidays and stuff.”

Perhaps this should serve as a cautionary tale about the current mindset surrounding sex. When the sanctity of sexual intimacy is devalued, so goes the sanctity of marriage, commitment, innocence, and the whole lot. Nothing is sacred anymore. And, it seems the guys, with whom Amanda Sommer has tried to involve herself, know this to some degree. That’s why, despite her success on the website, Amanda is struggling to find a man who wants her as a wife. Very few fellas will want what they feel everyone else can have or has already had. Right or wrong, that’s reality.