Mila Kunis’ unexpected reaction to being confused with Megan Fox

The actress experienced a comical situation when leaving Jimmy Kimmel’s show with a fan, and her attitude was admirably surprising.

The most talented and privileged faces parade across the almighty Hollywood carpet. Confusion is not that common, but on more than one occasion it happened that fans, even paparazzi or television show hosts, confused the actors with someone else. This is a very recurring situation with the Friends with Benefits star, Mila Kunis, who had a very funny experience when she crossed paths with a fan who thought she was Megan Fox. However, she is not the only one who gets confused.

Mila Kunis reacted in the best way after a fan asked her to sign a Megan Fox poster. This happened as the Friends With Benefits actress was leaving the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! in New York City last September.

“I love her! It’s Megan Fox,” said Mila Kunis as soon as she saw the image of her partner on a poster that one of her fans gave her to sign. “It’s fantastic, by the way. I love the fact that you thought it was her, ”added the actress as she continued to give signatures to her fans. The very relaxed and friendly way Mila responded with was the best reaction to a mix-up between artists. And it’s not the first time she’s been confused with someone else.

In 2021, Sarah Hyland reported on The Kelly Clarkson Show that more than 10 years after meeting Mila Kunis, people still confuse them. “The first time I met her she told me: ‘I get confused with you all the time. And I love him. I take it as a compliment because you are younger than me,’” the Modern Family actress recalled.

After saying that Kunis sometimes went along with the confusion, Hyland continued her story: “I said, ‘Well, next time I’m mistaken for you, can I pretend to be you?’ And she gave me permission.” However, the next time this happened the young actress decided not to play along. This was because the confusion occurred on the red carpet at the Golden Globes where Mila Kunis was nominated for her work in Black Swan.

We know it’s not easy to deal with constantly being mistaken for someone else, so we applaud Mila Kunis’ amazing attitude about it. She certainly lets her work speak for itself and she recognizes the work of her peers.