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Mom gives birth then the doctor makes a shocking discovery!

Mom gives birth, then the doctor makes a shocking discovery. Is mother really special. Everyone considers the mother as a god without whom real happiness is absent. We’Ll note down the few points below and let you know why the mother is very important. A new mom claims.

She discovered she had terminal cancer while giving birth by a cesarean section when doctors discovered tumors in her ovaries, lymph nodes and abdomen. Lining lois walker 37 alleges that her shocking diagnosis came after experts dismissed her ongoing symptoms as anxiety, calling her a hypochondriac. The new mom from the uk reported experiencing stomach pain for over 12 months, but it took her son ray being born via c-section in 2021.

To get a proper diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, the mother of three said she made 20 calls to her doctor during the pandemic lockdown, as well as repeated trips to the emergency room, only to be prescribed, anxiety, medications and warned to avoid dairy after her doctors. Finally, discovered malignant tumors, she received six rounds of chemotherapy and two operations.

However, they now say there’s no way to curb the illness from killing her. It’S been absolutely diabolical, a distressed walker alleged to southwest news service. They call themselves health professionals and they’re supposed to be giving us care, but that is negligence.

Walker’S symptoms first started in june 2020 experiencing unusual bathroom habits and abdominal swelling, but at first she was told she might have irritable bowel syndrome after visiting dove valley practice and barnsley hospital in the uk. When she called her general care doctor due to worsening symptoms, she was only offered drugs to calm her hypochondria.

I was going to the doctors, but i couldn’t tell them anything new, because it was the same symptoms always so they treated me with antacids. She said, then. I got told it could be health anxiety, so they put me on cytelopram cytelopram is a medication used to treat depression according to the mayo clinic? But walker had been a skin cancer sufferer in the past asking her doctor. You don’t think i could have cancer, yet she said she was getting old and her body doesn’t work as well.

I just feel like it could have been caught sooner, so i wouldn’t have this late diagnosis and i’m leaving three kids. She said if the nhs does not acknowledge that things need to change, then i feel sorry for everybody and anybody in december, twenty twenty. She discovered. She was pregnant. Fourteen weeks later, she was in horrible pain, after learning her son’s gender saying she couldn’t walk or eat the pain, growing more excruciating as the pregnancy wore on the doctor said that i weighed the same as i did 12 months ago, and by this time i was Nine months pregnant and that didn’t seem to ring any alarm bells she claimed when the pain finally grew to be unbearable.

She told doctors, she would kill herself if they didn’t take her seriously. She was hospitalized for pain, management and given morphine, but that’s where the treatment stopped. Then the final straw was when they had to get the mental health team involved, because i said that it had reached the point where i would have to end both our lives and i feel ashamed to say that she said, after months of pushing for more in-depth Investigation into her symptoms, her doctor discovered a mass behind her womb, prompting them to deliver her child the following day when they

discovered the cancer in september 2021. She gave birth to her third child, while simultaneously hearing she was terminally ill when they opened me up. He said i thought you said you didn’t have any abdominal surgery, and i said i hadn’t she recalled that’s when i knew something had been found, as they called a few doctors in.

They just said basically that my abdomen was so diseased that they needed to send off some biopsies and i’d have to wait, but i knew anyway, she continued the doctor, actually grabbed my hand and he cried, and he actually said that he’d. Let me down, however, a spokesperson for dove valley practice, told swns. We are sorry to hear miss walker’s concerns about her care and that she didn’t feel listened to. We carried out a review of miss walker’s care and referrals for tests, and we shared those findings with her at that time. A rep for barnsley hospital nhs foundation.

Trust also told the news agency that they’re sorry to hear that. Ms walker has concerns about her care. The rep continued we welcome any patient with concerns about the care that they’ve received to get in touch with our patient advice and complaints. Team which investigates patients concerns to ensure action is taken in a timely and appropriate manner. But apologies and chemotherapy treatment didn’t do much for walker, whose cancer still spread and became terminal.

My liver had fused to my diaphragm so that had to be cut back. My bladder had fused to the back of my womb, so that had to be cut back and all of my ovaries had fused she said, then i had the devastating news that it’s also on my bowels, my stomach and my liver. Obviously, that’s never good they’re. My main organs that i need because of her illness, her family created an online fundraiser to benefit cancer research uk that has received more than ten thousand dollars in donations well over their original goal. The page created by her sister notes, walker, was failed hugely by the nhs while calling the newborn a miracle.

We plan on having her as long as possible. The fundraiser description reads at the end of the story: while the fundraiser is receiving donations for cancer, research, no amount of love or money is likely to save walker. Now that she can focus on fighting the disease she’s just trying to live as best as she can. It’S just about a comfortable life for, however long i’ve got left and that’s where we are at the minute. She said with another baby needing to be delivered nicole, had to start pushing again since her epidural had worn off this time.

She was in a lot of pain, but she did it. Matt said exactly 59 minutes after their lovely daughter, blakely faith was born. The couple happily welcomed their son cade matthew into the world at 11, 05 pm baby kade, weighed 2 265 grams, which meant that together, the twins weighed 4 260 grams, a perfectly healthy, total weight of twins, but was cade as healthy as his sister. How was it even possible that nicole went through her pregnancy without knowing that she was carrying twins without actually anybody knowing it as matt and nicole, were trying to keep the medical checkups at a minimum? This might be a possible reason why nobody knew in the beginning of her pregnancy.

What was about to come, but how did the doctors not find out after doing the ultrasound, when nicole actually was in labor, it turned out that kade was actually playing a little game of hide and seek. He was literally hiding behind his sister during the ultrasound and that’s why the doctors didn’t see him really. No one was expecting it. Everyone in the room thought they had seen a ghost nicole said, while everybody was speechless and in awe about this double miracle. The medical team needed to put their attention to caring for little cade since cade was pushed out so quickly and nicole never had contractions.

Really his lungs and fluid in his lungs didn’t come out as good as his sisters matt revealed, but so he adds not to worry as he was in good hands within a week after dealing with a few medical issues, the newborns were happy healthy and ready to Be taken home but matt and nicole hadn’t, prepared to take two babies home. My first thought after delivering the second baby was oh help. We need a second crib, a second car seat. A second everything nicole confessed matt adds. We just had no thoughts that there was going to be another child.

Our whole house is prepped for one child, while their first thoughts on how to take care of two kids made them worried. It all quickly went away once they actually got to see and hold their beautiful twin babies. This has been one of the best days of my life, matt shared, adding, also one of the biggest emotional roller coasters. I’Ve ever been on with all their family members still waiting on the hallway. It was time to share with them the wonderful news as well, but they didn’t just want to tell them the couple wanted to surprise their family in a very similar way to how they were surprised.

Nicole and matt gathered everyone in their room, along with some of the hospital staff that were beyond excited about this beautiful moment with one of the twins off to the side in the hospital crib nicole, was hiding the other one underneath her blanket when the family saw The baby in the hospital crib they were overjoyed, but when nicole opened up the blanket and showed everyone what was under it, everyone was in shock.

They couldn’t believe that there was another tiny family member added to the family. Having twins is a real gift, said matt and nicole, and they couldn’t be more excited now that their babies were born. The couple couldn’t imagine life without the both of them. One thing the family had learned through the three-day madness was that everything happens for a reason.

Even though i’m more of a natural person, things happen for reasons, and there are definitely times for medical intervention, and this was one of those times, matt confessed speaking of medical interventions. This wasn’t the end of their story as soon as the babies were born, they were taken in to deal with some medical issues through their first week as nicole had pushed out cade so quickly, without really having contractions.

His lungs were filled with fluids. The doctors discovered some respiratory issues on cade. Luckily, within a few days, baby cade’s breathing problem was almost healed and also blakely was showing signs that she would be stable enough to go home soon.

Talk about a great start for the new year, while kade was dealing with respiratory problems. Blakely was fighting a bacterial infection by January. The second cade was already breathing on his own, but Blakely was still a little jauntiest and needed some extra care.

The family, unfortunately, couldn’t take home the babies just yet the doctors were on top of it and prescribed their little girl antibiotics to take over the next week and after the first day, her health was improving already each day the twins were doing better and better and On january, the 6th kade was released from the hospital the day before kade was taken off all breathing supplements and started to take his bottle. Blakely was doing much better as well.

She just had to take one more day of antibiotics before she would be able to return home and also mom nicole, made a quick recovery and in no time the family was able to reunite at home after spending almost a week in the hospital. The newborns were finally ready to come home.

There’s no doubt that going from expecting one baby to actually having two babies came with a lot of challenges, but we’re sure that the couple handled it with a positive attitude and tackled it all together as one big happy family. Besides that, they had tons of support from their loved ones, their community and the internet with whom they had shared their amazing journey with god bless them. God bless them. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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