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Mom Is About to Keep Walking, Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Stops and Approaches a Crying Man

When a young girl and her mom walked out of a store, they came across a man in tears. The mother had no plans to help him, but her daughter made her think twice.

A typical day in 2016 turned into a teachable moment for Kenyatta Lewis. The Virginia mother was leaving a store when her six-year-old daughter asked her a question.

Janiyah Lewis motioned toward a man crying outside the store and asked her mom if she had noticed him. Kenyatta told her daughter that the man was sad, and she was about to walk past him when Janiyah did something incredible.

[Left]  A six-year-old helps a homeless man; [Right] Homeless man's day is made by a little girl.  |  Source: Wijethunga
[Left] A six-year-old helps a homeless man; [Right] Homeless man’s day is made by a little girl. | Source: Wijethunga

The little girl approached the emotional man and discovered more about him. She said: “Hi sir, be happy it’s a nice day it’s not raining.” Janiyah then asked him why he was sitting on the dirty ground.

He told her he was homeless because a fire claimed his home and wife. The mother felt for the man, as did her daughter, who handed him her drink and offered him some money from her purse.

Janiyah told him to buy some McDonald’s and improved his day significantly. The mother revealed that the man’s face lit up, and he stated he was surprised to see so much care and kindness coming from someone so young.

Kenyatta shared that her little girl always had a “soft spot” for people in need. The mother revealed that whenever Janiyah saw homeless people at a red light, she would urge her to give them some money.


The little girl’s actions were simple, but they encouraged others to help the man as well. The encounter made Kenyatta stop and think about the homeless in her community—it also taught her a powerful lesson.

She was reminded that kids did not see color and added: “Children are our future; it’s a FACT. That gives me a little more hope for the world.

Netizens applauded the little girl’s actions, and many thanked her for spreading love and kindness. One user wrote: “What a sweet and compassionate little girl! Sometimes, children teach us lessons we could not have learned otherwise.

Another user commented: “Lovely, moving, and heartfelt. Please always keep that compassion, young lady. You are an example of how we all should be. Thank you for talking to the man.”


Children do not always understand when people are unhappy or struggling. When a little girl in Monterey, California, saw a homeless man outside the restaurant window, she did something unexpected.

In 2016, 8-year-old Ella Scott took her plate of steak and potatoes and gave it to a homeless man who was later identified as David Salkowski. He was stunned by her gesture and immensely grateful for the food.

Scott and Janiyah proved that anyone could make a difference no matter their age. The little girls helped where they could and undoubtedly made the world a better place.