Montecito Neighbors Raise Concerns Over Meghan Markle’s Controversial Rule in the Local Area: ‘You Are Not Royal!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s residence in Montecito has not been without its share of challenges, as their presence in the upscale neighborhood has raised concerns and led to a community backlash. Particularly, Meghan’s demeanor has become a point of discontent among some neighbors, as highlighted in an interview with the Daily Express.
One neighbor expressed their anticipation for Meghan’s departure, citing that the couple’s attitude has left the entire neighborhood feeling unsettled. The controversy intensified when a local resident named Kimberly posted a photo of a list of unusual rules displayed on the door of a grand mansion, allegedly set by Meghan Markle. In her post, Kimberly noted her shock at the rules and their strictness.

The list of demands included a series of restrictions, such as forbidding locals from initiating conversations with the royal couple, petting their dogs, or even sending them notes. The rules explicitly discouraged neighbors from approaching Meghan and Harry unless they initiated the interaction themselves. Additionally, it discouraged any form of interaction with their dogs, offering to walk them, or attempting to see their children, Archie and Lilibet. Furthermore, the list explicitly prohibited posting anything through the letterbox of their Montecito mansion.

Kimberly’s post stirred a brief but intense online reaction before being deleted after 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the contents of the list caught the attention of royal enthusiasts. In interviews with local neighbors, outrage over Meghan Markle’s lifestyle and perceived arrogance was palpable. Complaints ranged from the couple’s dogs causing disturbances in the area to Meghan’s extensive set of rules.

Some neighbors even lodged formal complaints with the authorities. Moreover, there is a perception among certain residents that Meghan may have an undue influence over her husband, Prince Harry. As one neighbor put it, “I think she has more influence on Harry than he does on her.” This sentiment contributes to growing public disapproval of Meghan, who has transitioned from a former TV actress to a duchess known for her high-maintenance attitude.

Neighbors have also noted a strained relationship between Meghan and Kate, the wife of Prince William, attributing it to Meghan’s apparent efforts to outshine Kate. Despite an attempt to extend a warm welcome to the Sussexes by offering films about the history of the exclusive California enclave, Meghan and Harry reportedly showed little interest.

Meghan and Harry reside in an impressive $11.5 million mansion in Montecito, Santa Barbara, California, having moved there in June 2020 shortly after stepping down as senior working royals. The property boasts numerous amenities, including a tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool, and a substantial 16 bedrooms.

Notably, recent polling data in the U.S. suggests that Meghan Markle is viewed negatively by a majority of Americans, with 33% disapproving of her and only 31% expressing approval, resulting in a net approval rating of -2. This rating marks an eight-point drop since the last poll conducted by Newsweek in June. Additionally, the couple ranked low on the list of individuals people would want to chat with over the garden fence in the same survey.

Meghan Markle’s presence in Montecito has been marred by controversy, with her rule list and perceived attitudes sparking discontent among neighbors and contributing to a noticeable decline in public opinion.