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Mother Abandoned Baby at Birth for Being Sick, She had no clue who would later Adopt him..

When this boy was born, his mother abandoned him because he was sick. However, she had no idea who would end up adopting him months later. This is the story of Lucy and Robert Matthews. The duo met when she went camping with her friends in California. There they became good friends and after some time they fell deeply in love with each other and started dating Lucy was 19 and her boyfriend was just a year older, a few months into their relationship.

They got married and became the youngest couple in the city one particular morning Lucy felt dizzy and kept throwing up. Therefore, her husband took her to the hospital not far away from home. When she got there, doctors carried out several tests and she found out. She was pregnant, the news made her very happy and when she told her husband he was thrilled. He would be a dad.

Robert took care of his wife and made sure his wife attended all routine checkups five months into the pregnancy. They visited the hospital to know the sex of their baby. After the doctor carried out the ultrasound out. He told them they would have a baby boy. The happy couple couldn’t hide their excitement and started making preparations for their baby’s arrival.

The pregnancy was going on smoothly, but, as you know, sometimes life presents us with unexpected events. Seven months into her pregnancy, Lucy’s feet started to swell. She was feeling more fatigued than she had in her previous six months and her vision was blurry on that account. Her husband rushed her to the hospital there. Doctors told them.

She had developed, preeclampsia, a condition that poses a threat to her life and that of their baby boy. The pregnant woman was in tears, but her husband was able to confront and reassure her, even though he was also quite worried. Few weeks later, her situation got worse and she was in a lot of pain. The doctors told him they would have to perform an emergency delivery. Two days later, Lucy was in the delivery room and it was almost time for her to have her baby.

However, she never knew that she would have to deal with the devastating news that her child had suffered from Down syndrome after doctors carried out the cesarean section on her, they managed to get the baby out of her womb. However, when she saw her little boy she broke into tears when she discovered his disability, it was difficult to see her little boy in such a state. At that moment, her husband walked in when he realized the condition of his child. He was speechless all of a sudden. He said some nasty words to his wife.

That is not my child. I can’t be the father of a child that isn’t normal. Don’T come back to my house with that sick baby. He said, then, he stormed out of the hospital. Lucy was shocked at her husband’s words and she couldn’t stop crying later that day, she called Robert who was drinking at a bar to drown away his sadness.

She told him he no longer had to worry, because the doctors told her that their son had passed away when he heard the news, he simply said they had to move on and told her. He would come back to pick her up from the hospital. However, she told him she was already at home waiting for him. The young man left the bar got into his car and drove home as fast as he could. When he’s saw his wife, she looked like she hadn’t just returned from childbirth.

The duo continued their lives as if their baby boy had never existed. Robert never visited the hospital to confirm if his son had truly passed away. What he never knew was that his wife had abandoned their innocent child and left the hospital without a medical discharge, while Lucy and her husband started a new life, their little baby boy remained in the hospital where he was receiving treatment, although he received love and care From the nurses there he was alone most of the time the hospital had already called child services to come pick up. However, just before they arrived a woman who came for a medical check-up heard about the boy’s plight and made her intentions clear that she would like to adopt him. She approached the chief physician with her husband and inquired about the baby’s family.

When the doctors told her the baby, boy’s sad story, she couldn’t hold back her tears. The kind couple Emily and Ryan Taylor were very rich and influential in the city. They started the adoption process the day after he was picked up by the child services. Although it took several weeks, the adoption process was eventually completed and they named the little boy, Oliver Emily and her husband showered them with loving care. Then they hired a nanny to look after him when they were not around when the boy was fully stable.

They took him and bought him. Many need things for him. People who knew the wealthy couple were shocked to see that their son had Down syndrome. However, no one dared to say anything to them because of their High status. A few days later, lovely images of Oliver and his foster parents felt several newspapers and social media platforms across the city.

The pictures captured how well the boy was doing with the rich couple that same morning, his biological parents, Lucy and Robert were having breakfast in their living room. At that moment, their maid dropped a pair of newspapers on their table like every other day. Lucy picked one of them and started going to the news after flipping. Through some pages, her face became pale when she saw the photos of the wealthy couple’s son. She recognized the boy was her child who she abandoned ruthlessly Lucy began to have a panic attack, so she rushed into the restroom without knowing what had happened.

Robert ran after his wife and tried to talk to her, but she didn’t say a word to him that day, Oliver’s brown, eyes and curly hair couldn’t leave his biological mother’s mind. When Robert returned from work that evening, he was surprised to see his wife in a sad mood, so he confronted her and asked her to tell him what was wrong in between tears. He said, I think the son of the wealthy couple we saw in the newspaper this morning is our child Robert, who was now confused, jumped out of the bed and said: how is that even possible if our son died when he was born, Lucy knew she could? No longer hide the truth, so she told her husband. What truly happened?

I’M sorry, but our son did not die. I abandoned him at the hospital and left with no one noticing I didn’t want to lose you that’s why I lied. She said as tears came running down her cheeks her husband was in shock. Then he asked her how she knew the boy was their son. She told him that his brown eyes and curly hair are unmistakable Robert, wasn’t raised and confused at this point after some time.

He picked up his bags and, despite Lucy’s pleas, he moved out of the house and told her he would be filing for a divorce before he left. He said to her. I can’t believe you abandoned our son. I will never forgive you for what you did. Don’T look for me because I’m leaving you just the way you left our child, he uttered those harsh words and left the house, forgetting that he was the first person to reject their baby boy.

Lucy felt like dying when he left and she became depressed. Thankfully, her mother was there for her and with time she got better months later she decided to get her boy back from the rich couple. She contacted them and they invited her to their house. When she got there. She was surprised to see how little Oliver was so full of life.

He had a wonderful smile that made her heart melt spending time with him made her remorseful and Lucy didn’t even realize it when she started crying the billionaire and his wife were surprised to see her baited in tears. After a while, she told them what she had done when Emily and her husband heard her story, they were Furious. They asked her to leave their house and never come back because she was not worthy of being the boy’s mother. From that day, she never saw her son again. The little boy grew up, surrounded by love and care.

He never got from his actual parents when he came of age. He inherited the fortune of the rich couple. Lucy’S story teaches us to always love and accept our children, irrespective of the conditions they’re born with. What have you learned from all deliver story? I can’t wait to read your thoughts in the comments.