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Mother Saw The Spirit Of Dying Daughter Playing At The Graveyard

When you lose someone you love your greatest wish is to see them just once more, even if you couldn’t hold on to them forever. This wish is even greater for a mother who loses a young child way before they are doomed, the very same Soul. They brought into the world leaves it before it has a chance to see it. So when a mother sees the ghost of her dead child, it’s possible she’s, projecting some kind of hope that her child is still around. However, this grieving mom had a surreal experience when she found the spirit of her two-year-old daughter playing at her own grain.

She even captured video footage in the graveyard to prove she wasn’t hallucinating. Little faviola Rodriguez was just two years old when her mother had to say goodbye to her. The events of her death were tragic and her life was taken while she was in her mother’s boyfriend’s care. The poor mother was completely unaware that anything could have been going wrong when she trusted her partner and love her to watch her child. The day she was buried at the mosinic cemetery in Las Cruces.

New Mexico was easily one of the most heartbreaking days of her mother’s life. A child is meant to outlive their parents to learn from their mistakes and make a better life from themselves. A child is meant to grow up to see the world leave their marketed and experience its beauty. Unfortunately, those opportunities were taken from faviol and her mother when a loved one passes away. The expectation is that they’re gone forever, but captured footage at faviola’s grave may say.

Otherwise they were reports of decorations and Graves being vandalized. So a family set up a camera on their son’s grave upon reviewing the footage they found something completely unexpected. The images appear to have captured a small child walking around the graveyard at night. The camera was directly across vaviola’s headstone, which was where the captured child was roaming. But Viola’s mom had been leaving toys at the grave and noticed they were going missing.

Could it be possible that her child was coming back to her own grave to play with her toys? Initially, the family that captured the footage was looking for evidence that the person they believed killed. Their son was vandalizing his grave when they found images of this child. Instead, they thought maybe a little girl had gotten lost in the cemetery and went concerned. They contacted the workers when shown the footage the workers explained.

We know that little girl and show them where she was buried. No children had gone missing in the area plus the child. Didn’T look scared, but simply intrigued by the very same toys that Sandra had noticed were going missing from her daughter’s grave. A day after the family went to cemetery owners with the images they happened to run into Sandra while she was visiting her own daughter’s grave. She told us that she had something really beautiful to show us that they’d captured on their video camera explained Sandra.

So then she pulled out her phone and showed it to me and as soon as she showed me, the picture I started crying, they showed with their camera, captured and Sondra, couldn’t help but breakdown in tears. Call it a mother’s instinct or home, but she was certain that she was looking at the Spirit of her Lost Child. I know that’s my daughter, given that small children don’t typically wander around cemeteries at night to play with toys. There is a chance that she’s right, and that really is the spirit of her daughter. A final image captured by the family’s camera shows the child walking away into the night, with a much taller finger.

Sandra believes that this is actually her daughter leading the other family’s deceased son to Heaven. She explains. I think she was there to take him to heaven, given the tragic circumstances of their deaths, it’s possible that their ghost felt like they had unfinished business still in our world and needed each other to say goodbye and move on with their parents. After all, these were such young kids, who still were dependent on their parents and didn’t yet understand the world Sandra adds they both have such a tragic story of things, and that happened to them. Both of them still haven’t gotten justice, so I think she was definitely there to comfort him and take him to heaven.

It is never easy to lose a child, but it’s even more difficult when the situation could have been avoidable and was the result of a tragedy. Sandra has shared her story on Facebook to give hope not only to herself but other grieving parents. This post had been shared over seventy thousand times in it. She writes it’s taken a lot for me to share this with everyone, because for one, my situation with my daughter is already sensitive for me and, secondly, everyone has their own beliefs, but all I can do is share mine with everyone. Speaking on the odd footage and the other boy’s family, she adds.

I know it was not only a sign from my daughter, but also fade for us all to mate. Let these stories be a reminder to hold on to your loved ones tight. No one ever thinks it’s going to happen to them. No one is able to imagine the worst, but rather than have regrets use the time you have now as a blessing call someone you love or hug someone. You know who needs it while you’re both still able to don’t wait for a tragedy to appreciate and love deeply.